“I would say I’m sorry, but I think we both know that it’d be a lie,” Jamie said, shoving the plug deep into Sam’s hole again, giving it a twist for good measure.

Sam yanked at the ropes binding his hands to the gate. He’d woken up here a few moments before, tied and gagged, and when he’d tried to scream, it was Jamie who had come out of the darkness. One of his coworkers, and one of his competitors for partner at the firm. Everyone knew Sam deserved the spot, of course, but he’d always known Jamie had resented him. Now he was discovering just how much.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be sticking around for long, just gotta get the place smelling a bit, wait until the pigs come out for the night to find you. Try not to worry too much about it, you’ll be as happy here as the rest of them. He slammed the dildo in and then left it, wiping his gloved hands off with a towel he’d brought with him, and then dropped it to the ground. “I took the liberty of putting in your notice at work–after all, you won’t be coming back again, I don’t think. Certainly none of the other’s have.”

Sam could hear something in the darkness around them, something alive.

“Ah, that would be them. Like I said, try and enjoy yourself Sam, you’ve earned it.”

Jamie picked up his case and walked towards the staircase, climbing up out of the abandoned subway station in the middle of Pigtown. He turned back in time to see the things coming closer, sniffing at the sacrifice he’d left them, Sam staring up and back at him, pleading through the gag, but one of them was already ripping the plug from his ass and mounting him. Jamie continued climbing–the first time, he’d watched for a bit, but it no longer had much appeal. But he slowed towards the top of the steps, where a heavyset man was waiting, smoking a thick cigar. “Hello Jamie. Come to drop something off again?”

“You promised me safe passage, Rod.”

“No, I promised you save passage for a price,” Rod said, “but that was a few years ago. Don’t they teach you about interest in business anymore?”

Before Jamie could reply, Rod stepped closer to him, locking lips, exhaling a thick, greasy plume of smoke into his lungs, forcing him to hold it, tonguing around the inside of his mouth a moment, before pulling away, Jamie coughing and gagging.

“Here,” Rod said, “You’ll be wanting these.” He tossed a couple of cellophane wrapped cigars and a lighter to the ground, and Jamie collected them, lighting one up and taking a deep breath, the scratch in his throat immediately relieved.

“That wasn’t the damn deal!” Jamie shouted, as Rod walked off.

“Just a reminder whose terms and conditions you’re operating under, Jamie. I’ll be needing a tribute every month from now on, if you don’t want to see me again real soon.”

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