Life Coach (Part 3)

What in the world was he doing? He wasn’t some…some fucking faggot! He tried as hard as he could to haul himself off his neighbor’s cock, but the man just grabbed him by his ears and drove deep, feeling Shane choke and gag on his cock.

“Now now, both of us know how much you like this Shane. The more you fight, the harder it will be for you, I promise.”

He tried to snarl a “fuck you,” but it just came out as unintelligible garble. Evan got the gist of it, however, and so he pushed his fingers to Shane’s temples, and the crippling pain wracked it’s way through him again. This time, either he was at least expecting it or it simply wasn’t as severe, because when Evan pulled his fingers away he was still conscious–and no longer gagging. In fact, he found himself so excited to have a cock in his mouth, that his tiny cock immediately let loose a meek pulse of cum into his pants, and he redoubled his efforts to please Evan, just happy to have a cock to serve.

In his mind, part of him was rebelling–he didn’t want to be a cocksucker! But…he couldn’t quite deny that he was a cocksucker, because he’d certainly sucked lots of them, and been fucked plenty of times as well. He’d often offer his clients, for a little extra money under the table, to help take some of the stress off their divorce, by giving them some assistance, and quite a few of them took him up on the offer. He may have also sucked off a few judges and attorneys, in order to get better verdicts for his clients, but that was all part of the job, right? On weekends, while Sandra was taking her numerous lovers, Shane was usually off somewhere, sucking cock through gloryholes or hooking up with random guys online, though that was harder. When someone saw his old, wrinkled, hairy face, not many people wanted to have sex with him–he had much more luck when he stayed anonymous, and with Evan. He loved slipping over here and sucking off his neighbor–he was the best fuck he had right now.

“Get on your hands and knees,” Evan said, and Shane immediately pulled away from his cock, stuck his cigar back in his mouth, and got ready for a fuck. Evan got down behind him, lined up his cock and slipped it in his hole, listening to his slutty neighbor heave a great sigh, “I told you not to fight me on this.”

Shane gasped at the tremendous surge of pleasure, his back arching, “Oh…Oh fuck, why does…does that feel so good?”

“Because you’re a fucking slut now,” Evan said.

“Why…How are you doing this to me? This isn’t fucking possible.”

“Well, you never did let me explain, and I don’t feel like going into it now. Still, I’d be careful disbelieving–after all, if I can’t change you, then that means you must have always been like this, right? Have you always been a desperate, small cocked slut, Shane?”

No–No, he hadn’t…but he…he couldn’t quite remember who he’d been before either, and it was too fucking hard to concentrate with that huge cock in his ass. So much easier just…just focusing on that, on bucking back, feeling his cock dribbling cum on the carpet. He’d…he’d have to lick it up later of course, he didn’t want to make a mess–and he loved cum. Couldn’t let it go to waste, no way, that would be terrible. No! He had to focus, focus on what really mattered! Evan had…had done something to him. He could remember that. He’d made him like this, given him this worthless cock, this…fuck, that felt so good, what he was doing back there! Unable to hold back, through thick clouds of dingy smoke he felt a huge orgasm rip through his entire body, feeling his flabby gut shiver and shake as a miniscule amount of cum flew out of him, and it wasn’t too much longer after that, when Evan filled his hole with a much larger amount of cum, and slipped out of him.

He fought it. He fought, but it was only polite after all. It’s…what a slut like him should do. Still on his hands and knees he backed up and started licking up his own, cum, feeling his ass leaking down the inside of his thigh. “Please…I’m sorry,” he said, tongue still pressed to the carpet, “”I get it! Just…just change me back, please.”

“Oh goodness, I don’t change people back, Shane. Goodness, I don’t change people at all! I’m just a con artist, remember? Why, I don’t understand where you’re getting this delusion of yours–you yourself said you had much too strong of a will to ever be hypnotized, right? So that means, that any power I have over you must be because you want to be weak. Because you like letting people dominate you. But if it makes you feel better, even if I could change you back? I wouldn’t. Because I love having a fat slut like you next door–if you were anyone else, then you wouldn’t get my cum, would you? Now clean the rest of that up and get the fuck out of my house, pig.”

Evan walked off, leaving Shane to finish his work, and then he got back up, and left, lighting a fresh cigar out on the doorstep, trying not to cry. What in the world had happened to his life, suddenly? He walked back over to his house, in time to see Sandra, in the doorway, waving goodbye to Devin as he left, looking fresh faced and happy. He could see the bulge of the young man’s huge cock, and…and fuck, he wanted it. As they passed, he turned to him and said, “I’ll pay…two hundred dollars. Let me suck it, please.”

The man laughed, and kept walking.

“Five hundred, please.”

“Faggot, ask me to suck my cock again, and I’ll pummel your face to the floor.”

“A thousand.”

That, apparently, was enough. However, he had to pay Devin upfront, before he could get a taste of the young man’s cock, and he hated himself for it, but he needed it. he needed it, and he had a feeling he’d be doing anything he could to get it.

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