request by @jurassic-whoa

Adam couldn’t believe he’d gotten the job. It certainly hadn’t been anywhere near the kind of thing he’d wanted, but it was just something to tide him over for the moment until he found something that might actually use his degree. Besides, it was just a job selling electronics, how hard could it be? The guy interviewing him had promised that after his job orientation, he’d be an expert. 

Adam hadn’t ever cared much about computers–his passion was physical therapy and exercise science. He was in great shape, and when he showed up for his first day of orientation, and saw that every guy working at the store was at least 400 pounds, he was a bit taken aback. They definitely weren’t the sort of people he preferred to associate with, but he didn’t exactly have much of a choice, did he? The store manager greeted him, and showed him into private office with a single desk and computer, telling him he’d be doing all of his training here for the next two weeks. Adam got started on the program, finding himself kind of zoning out at all of the information being thrown at him, and before he knew it, it was time for lunch.

The break room was full of food, and when he entered, he was kind of disgusted at how…piggish his new coworkers were all eating, stuffing their faces while the manager looked on, but he was hungry. Really hungry. Every bite of food just seemed to make him hungrier, in fact, but before he could really satisfy himself, the manager took him back to his training room.

After two days, Adam realized he had somehow packed on a gut, and he was terrified. After four days, he was jiggling that gut and wanting it to be even bigger. By Friday, he was already 300 pounds, and when some of his coworkers invited him out for beers, he was happy to go…and when they ended up at the managers house, and everyone got naked, he just…rolled with it, everyone excited to welcome the newest pig into the fold. By the middle of his second week, he was 450 pounds, happily chatting with his nerdy coworkers about his compsci degree and their favorite video games, beard already filling in, wearing the new glasses the manager had given him, when he’d discovered he couldn’t read the training manuals well enough, and by that Friday, Adam knew he’d never need another job in his whole life, sucking the store manager’s cock, feeling his cock shoot another load of cum as he called him a fat, disgusting pig for the hundredth time, wondering if anyone was on break and could fuck his ass too, while they were at it.

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