I’d always hated him, Mr. Wallingford, my parent’s next door neighbor. A total fruit, and everyone knew it–but while that was disgusting, what made it worse was how much he wanted me. Ever since I was a teenager and had started coming into my own, I’d noticed how often he looked at me, whenever I was playing outside with my friends, he’d be watching me through the window. I tried telling my parents but they wouldn’t listen, and he never did touch me or say anything to me. He’d just…watch. Stare. 

I was so happy, when I went off to college, that I could be away from him finally, but coming home for breaks and summers was horrible. I’d get home, and there he’d be again, still staring, still licking his lips, still…disgusting. I did my best to ignore him, and that worked fine until the summer between my Sophomore and Junior years, when I got home and something changed. Not right away. The first month was the same–he would still watch me, but now he had a strange glee in his eye that he hadn’t before. Every year the neighborhood throws a big block party for independence day, with a big potluck. Mr. Wallingford provided the cake that year, and everyone had a piece–it was delicious, but after that…

Suddenly, I was the one who couldn’t take my eyes off of him, and he made sure I had plenty of opportunities to see him. He would walk around the neighborhood naked, and no one would bat an eye or find it the least bit strange, but I was the only one who knew, and I couldn’t divert my eyes. Every waking moment I had to follow him, stare at him…lust for him. He was in my dreams, all of these sick, twisted fantasies I’d never had, they were all I could think about. At first that was it, but now, things are getting worse.

My…body. Something’s wrong with it. I’m putting on weight, I have these dreams were I’m massively fat, and I deserve it, I deserve to have my hot, muscular body ruined for ignoring him all these years, for…for never serving him how he needed to be. My…my dad raped me last night. He went in my room, threw off my covers and fucked my ass, loud enough for my mom to know, and I wanted it, and he watched it happen through the window, jacking off. Now, he’s out on his driveway, pissing, and as soon as he goes back inside…I’ll be out there, on my hands and knees licking it up off the concrete, because I need it, and everyone will watch me, everyone will see me. And then I’ll crawl to his door, and I’ll beg him to use me, because… because I need him. Because I’ve watched him forever, but I never knew how much I needed him until now. Because I’m his pig now, and that’s all I’ll ever be from now on.

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