Do all your stories happen in the same universe? (It’s kinda hot thinking about a world full of gay bears/pigs)

Short answer: Kind of.

Longer answer: This is a question which doesn’t really have a good answer, because I don’t feel like it’s framed properly. It turns on definitions of “world” and “universe” which I don’t really like to have applied to my writing, for rather long reasons. So no, all of these stories don’t happen in the same universe, because my stories don’t happen in anything I would ever call a universe–there are no fully formed “worlds” here. These are just settings and backdrops. That said, there certainly is a kind of repetition going on here, and some of these stories certainly overlap somehow but it isn’t by way of any sort of consistant setting/world, so much as by theme, symbol and character.

Take Pigtown for instance. Pigtown in a bar/neighborhood which dates back to my earliest stories. It’s fictional. I’d never even set foot in a fetish bar to know what they look like, so Pigtown from the beginning has always only ever been the gay idea of what a fetish bar / sex club could be. Over the years, Pigtown has taken on countless forms–it’s been a massive complex of rooms which shift and change over time. It’s been sentient. It’s been a normal bar corrupted by demonic energy. It’s been a strange, simple dive bar. Nearly all of these instances of the bar are, in one way or another, run by a man named Rod. Rod usually has a friend Micah, with whom he had been romantic, and one of them betrayed the other, but not always. Sometimes Pigtown is a bar called “The Barnyard” and it’s run by a man named Jimmy. Lately, other writers took the idea and ran with it, imagining Pigtown as entire neighborhoods, mostly in the captions of @rbbrpigmen. None of these places are identical, but all of these places are pigtown–the same place. Every pigtown story, is identical in the same sort of fashion. It’s like looking into two mirrors reflecting one another–there’s only one object, reflected infinitely across space. That’s the closest my stories ever come to existing in something that might be called a “universe”.

Pigtown isn’t the only one of these things I write from. There’s Louisiana Acres, a trailer park. There’s the City of Bears (which is itself a stolen reflection of an old story called “Saturday Night Eternal” which has always been a favorite of mine). There’s the Fat Action Team, the Special Investigations Bureau, and a small town in the middle of the Midwest called “Sus”, or maybe it’s called “Kingsford”. Each of these stories are reflections of one another. So no, all of my stories do not take place in the same universe, but they do relate to one another in meaningful ways, if you know what to look for.

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