Miles didn’t know how everything had gone so wrong. It had seemed easy enough a task–Sonja had made him promise that he would lose fifty pounds before her sister’s wedding, as soon as they’d received the invitation nine months prior. It was going to be his first time meeting most of her extended family, and he did want to make a good impression, of course. But…he’d also never been very good at the whole diet and exercise thing. And so he’d turned to a slightly sketchy corner of the internet, which one of Sonja’s uncles recommended for him, through her. The pill promised that he could eat as much as he wanted, and he’d shed weight no matter what. It seemed like too good to be true, but supposedly he’d had great success with it. He added the pills to his diet…but not long after, he’d started to backslide.

He’d take the pills, and he’d be…ravenous afterwards. He’d do his best to only eat healthy stuff, but it didn’t seem to matter. He was packing on weight faster than ever before in his life. Sonja was furious–when he tried to tell her it was the pills, she refused to believe him. After all, they’d worked for her uncle! Was he calling her uncle a liar? They fought more and more, and he kept taking the pills, and by the time the wedding rolled around, he had to buy a whole new wardrobe for his now 450 pound body. They hadn’t had sex in months…and if he was being honest, she…just wasn’t that attractive anymore for some reason. 

The wedding was beautiful, but his relationship was a disaster. He couldn’t wait to get to the reception so he could get drunk off his ass and stuff his face. He saw Sonja hitting on one of the bridesgrooms, and they disappeared together–she made sure he saw. He tried to care, he really did, but he was just so…hungry. Food first. beer first. Then he could figure out what to do about that. 

“You must be Miles–Sonja told me quite a bit about you, boy.”

He looked over, and bellying up to the buffet was a huge man, at least 200 pounds heavier than he was. Miles just gaped, his cock hardening. He’d…started to notice that big men were turning him on, but he’d been trying to ignore it. But this fucker…he was salivating, and not for food. “H-Hi…” he stammered, wiping a sweaty hand on his pants to shake the mans hand, “I’m…here with Sonja.”

“Oh, I know. I’m Sonja’s Uncle. Those pills worked mighty fine, I must say.” He stepped closer, their fat sides pressing into each other, “Fill up that plate boy–I wanna see you eat. And then you’re coming to my hotel. Been needing a tight, chubby hole for my cock, and yours will do just fine…be even better once we pack another few hundred pounds on that wide ass of yours.”

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