If you could, in the coming weeks, do a pup play caption? You’ve done a couple in the past I believe but I haven’t seen one from you in a while…unless I missed it recently. But anyway, I do appreciate any caption you put out, thanks for all the great content you put out for free! Do you still have a patreon?

The only pup thing I’ve done lately was a long one–and funny you bring up my Patreon, because that’s the only place it’s currently available, for anyone donating five dollars or more a month. It’s the second installment of Halloween at the Barnyard. Other than that, I haven’t really done anything pup related, and I can try and do something along those lines here in the future.

And honestly, I like putting my stuff out there for free–what’s the point of writing all this stuff if no one reads it? That said, I definitely appreciate everyone who supports me on patreon too–I wouldn’t be able to put out as much stuff as I do if I didn’t have that cushion each month helping me out. 

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