It was just some stupid looking show on Netflix, something probably no one had ever watched, something that Chad popped on for a laugh and to burn an hour, just to see how bad it was. It was called “Ruining Your Life”–apparently, it was some reality show following around people who’s lives had gone from great to terrible–or so he thought. Instead, what came on his TV screen was a strange, swirling pattern, and then a floating head of some old man, big beard, chuckling.

“Well hey there Chad, so good of you to join me. Now why don’t we get down to business, eh?”

He tried to look away, but he couldn’t. All he could do was watch the man, listen to his deep, raspy voice, grope his hard cock and…and fantasize about what…what it would be like, to let this man ruin him. Now Chad had always been a good guy, went to the gym, was getting good grades in school, had lots of friends. But what if things were…different?

He found it impossible to avoid binging the show. He started skipping the gym and class, avoiding his friends. He’d still go out on occasion, but usually only for snack runs and to stop by the gas station for drink and cigarettes. He would sit in his room, on the couch, stuffing his face, chain smoking, and masturbating until his cock was raw, feeling his muscles fade and fat bulk up all over him, faster than should have ever been possible. By the time he got to the end of the first season–all 24 episodes in five days–he didn’t even recognize himself. 

He didn’t watch the show as much, but it didn’t matter. His work ethic was shot–he started flunking his classes because he couldn’t bring himself to care about his assignments. Still, he managed to pull himself together, and eeked out enough to stay in school at the end of the semester. He’d…figure out something, he told himself, he’d get a job over the summer, he’d put his life back on track. Then, in June, the second season came out–and he couldn’t stop himself from watching every episode in a row, 24 hours straight, and by then, there was no going back, not ever, and he no longer cared at all.

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