How come you never do your Q&As anymore?

Well, there are a few reasons, actually. First, answering questions takes a surprising about of time, especially if you care about giving reasonably detailed answers. I simply haven’t had all that much free time to answer questions, or by the time I get time, the questions have often lost relevance. That said, I always really liked taking questions, so I miss the Q&A aspect of my work a lot, because it gives me a chance to touch base with readers, see what’s working and what isn’t.

Second, it was taking up a whole lot of space on my blog. Like I said, I love answering asks, but a lot of readers don’t necessarily care that much about them (which is perfectly fine and understandable!) and I would on occasion get notes asking me to do fewer asks, because it would clutter people’s feeds, and I decided, after a few heated discussions, to back off the Q&A stuff for a while, and focus on putting out stories, and figure out a solution to this later.

Well, I have a solution! I went ahead and started a secondary blog, Bracken’s Junkbox. Rather than cluttering up my main blog with Q&A stuff, I figured I might as well create a secondary space for everything else. That way, if people just want the stories, they can just follow my main blog, and if they want to see everything else too, then they can follow my junk blog too. But the junk blog will have more than just asks, I’ve also wanted a space where I could reblog pictures, create captions, start collaborative stories and engage with other writers, artists and everyone else. 

Nothing about this blog is going to change. There will still be four posts a week, just like always. Ok, so there is one change–this primary blog will no longer be accepting asks or submissions at all. If you want to send me one, then the only way to get it to me is through the ask page at Bracken’s Junkbox instead[1]. So if you have questions, or if you have stories or photos you’d like to see, make sure you get them to the right spot. The links above will now help you get to the proper location, to try and make things a bit easier for you. I may occasionally cross post as well, if I feel I have information important enough to bear mentioning on my main blog as well.

Other than that, things should go smoothly. I hope you all might find my junk interesting! There isn’t much over there now, but hopefully that will change rather quickly. I plan on doing a ask me anything session each Wednesday (including today!) So if there’s anything that’s been on your mind, now’s a good time to ask!

Thanks, as always, for reading!


[1] The reason for this is actually tumblr’s fault–instead of having asks go into one large pile, it divides messages between blogs, and prohibits you from answering questions from one blog on a different blog–and the same with submissions. That is, it forces a one-to-one relationship as far as submissions and asks go, which is a bit frustrating.

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