Arctos Monthly (Part 3)

Still, I suppose I’m getting ahead of myself, mentioning Mitch–he was in the picture, sure, but he didn’t really get, uh…involved until a while later. So anyway, Andy and I finished that first fuck of ours–I came twice in his hole, he shot at least once all over my sheets, and then licked it up afterwards. I was happy to just smoke my pipe, lounge around, and enjoy the smell of our sex in the room, but he, well, he wasn’t exactly happy about what had happened. I suppose I can’t blame him, but the way I was feeling, the way I was acting–hell, the way I feel and act I should say, I should just use the present tense, since I sure haven’t gotten better about it–I honestly didn’t care all that much, I thought he was just over-reacting. After all, he’d enjoyed it, hadn’t he?

We got into…a bit of a fight. A bit of a fight, because there wasn’t much he could do to me, at least with the body he had now. He threw a weak punch, I tackled and pinned him down, groped him a bit, lit another cigar for him, and we went right into round two. He mellowed out a bit after that, or he knew there wasn’t a whole lot he could do to stop me, but he liked it, he admitted it. Hell, by the end of the week, he needed it more than I did, that fat ass of his was never satisfied, and he’d…well, he never forgave me, exactly, but he was enjoying it all the same, the same way I was. We both knew, in our heads, that we shouldn’t be doing this. That I should feel bad about turning into a domineering top, that he should hate being this fat, desperate bottom. But neither of us did…and we enabled each other because we didn’t have anyone else. It wasn’t like we had much of a social circle after all, looking like this. Everyone else in the dorm thought we were crazy.

Yeah, we gave the floor RA a headache, especially with the smoking. Both of us got written up multiple times, but both of us needed the smoke too much to really care, and even the RA knew there wasn’t much he could do about it, especially this close to the end of the year, so eventually he just gave up, and we smoked with the window open, fucking all the while, and both of us settled in pretty well. Other people in the floor? Well, that’s where Mitch entered the picture. Mitch was the Freshman Hotshot, the Football Recruit, the Drunk Bro, and a huge homophobe to boot. Everyone knew what the two of us were up to, and most people didn’t care, even if they didn’t like it, but Mitch was the one who had to be vocal about it, who had to make sure everyone knew how much he was disgusted by us. It was a performance–we both knew it, but while I was too big for Mitch to do much to, he did harass Andy more than once. I considered referring him to the program for a while, but wasn’t sure if he deserved it, if I really wanted to be around him that much even if he was different, so I held off–then my second package arrived from Arctos, and I forgot about that for a while.

It’s important to note here, I think, that very little else had changed when we got our first package, beyond our bodies and desires. The boxes had been filed with quite a large assortment of clothes, of course, but that was literally all either of us had been wearing for close to a month, and as relatively poor college students, neither of us had the cash to completely revamp our wardrobes. So when I saw the next package from Arctos–or rather, when I saw how small it was–I was a bit disappointed, to say the least–it certainly wasn’t large enough to have any clothes in it. When I opened it up in my room–alone, I should add, since Andy was in class–all I found was a pipe and a bag of tobacco with a note. I didn’t keep that one, but it was shorter and I remember the gist it. All it said was, “Big changes come in small packages. Smoke in your bedroom, either alone or with bears you care about.”

I thought about waiting for Andy to get back, but I was too excited to try it, so I packed the pipe and lit it, but nothing happened, aside from the pipe pumping out way more smoke than should have been possible. At first I thought I had packed it wrong. I tried to take the pipe out…but I couldn’t. It was locked in my lips, and I was sucking in and blowing out even more smoke, so much that the room was soon so foggy I couldn’t see a thing, and I began to feel a bit lightheaded, slumping down at my desk, completely focused on smoking the entire bowl down as quickly as I could.

It was exhausting, but the bowl finally went out, and the smoke began to clear away from the dorm room…and I saw that, indeed, this package had been much, much larger than I had initially thought. My closet door was open, but instead of being filled to the brim with clothes I could no longer hope to fit, I saw it filled with shirts to fit my new physique…and a whole bunch of kilts–tartan, leather, denim. It was true, I had…really enjoyed wearing that kilt in my first package, and finally able to stand, I got up to take a closer look, and was overwhelmed with vertigo.

I was even taller now, by a few inches. My body had packed on muscle…and my entire frame was covered from top of foot to my back in bright red hair–and especially a thick, curly bush around my now ten inch cock. I lumbered over to the mirror in the dorm, and sure enough, my head and beard were the same bright red, and I noticed I had also received some tattoos–the scottish flag, my clan…yeah, my clan. I knew my fucking clan, and had the coat of arms tattooed across my entire back. My family had been in the states for a while, so I don’t have much of an accent, but…well, it comes out when I get a bit drunk. I had trophies from when I competed in the highland games, and others for weightlifting and powerlifting. Small packages indeed–and when Andy got his a week later, well…that’s when I knew we needed to do something about Mitch.

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