Justin’s Lost Nights (Part 2)

Cornered, he was cornered. The heavyset man pushed his firm gut into Justin’s flat stomach. “What do you think you’re doin’ smokin’ cigars like a daddy bear, boy? Don’t you think you’re a bit young for that?” He leaned in, and through the haze of their cigars and they started sharing smoke, Justin saw the man’s tattoos shifting and moving, bear paws walking their way down the man’s chest and onto Justin’s body. Suddenly…he was feeling…aggressive. He pushed back, shoving his tongue into the man’s mouth, feeling the large man respond with both surprise, but also submission–

Justin forced himself awake from the dream, panting, his head aching. Fuck, he was too old for this Pigtown one-night-stand bullshit, he fucking knew better than to drink like he was twenty again. He heard snoring next to him in his bed, and was happy to see that the ache was worth it–he’d brought home one handsome, soft, pudgy cub. He pulled back the covers, admiring the young man’s smooth, lightly furred skin, his full, round ass. His cock was already hard again–what cub didn’t want to wake up to daddy cock, anyway? He took a moment to grab a cigar and light it, sucking it deep, stroking himself hard, lubing up, and then slid it into the cub’s hole. It was still a bit loose and greasy from the night’s activities, and the slumbering boy whimpered a bit, Justin pushing in–

Rough. Yeah, fuckin’ rough. The men were watching them, the older, chubby bear bent over, begging for “daddy’s” cock, the twink behind him, trying to imitate a gruff, older voice, making the bear beg for his thick bear cock. Justin didn’t know what had come over him–looking down, he could feel the tattoos pressing into him, see the fur starting to sprout around them, but all he could focus on was his “cub’s” ass, working a couple fingers in, sucking down smoke, and then he got to fucking. Rough–his boy needed to be taught a lesson. Across his upper back, Justin could see the thick, bold lettering of the word “DADDY”, but it seemed to be fading. At first he thought it was just the smoke, but then he felt the tingle on his back as he fucked him harder and deeper, felt the words on him, worming into his skin. The hair was all over him now, growing in thick, but rather than brown like his hair, it was looking grey like the smoke he was chuffing from his cigar. He felt bigger too, stronger, more in charge, dominant, in control. A daddy bear, through and through.

And his cub! Fuck, he couldn’t be much older than 21. He was a bit shorter now, and had lost much of his muscle, all of it packing itself onto Justin’s thick frame. Now he was chubby and soft, moaning and begging for daddy’s cock.

“Fuck yes, deeper Daddy! – Oh god, fuck, I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!”

The cub ground his cock into the bed, spasming around Justin’s cock as he dumped a load into his daddy’s sheets. “Yeah, that’s a good bitch cub, you want daddy’s seed in your guts boy?”

“Fuck daddy, you know I do…”

“Well here it fuckin’ comes!” Justin said, buried his cock in deep, and let loose, pumping the young man full, gripping his soft flab in his old hands, and then collapsed down on him, panting, letting his cock go soft in him.

“You’d make a great alarm clock, you know.”

“Fuck boy, all I wanna do now is go back to sleep,” Justin said with a laugh, and rolled off him. The cub followed, snuggling up to him, running his hand through daddy’s thick, grey chest hair, over his hard pecs, and through his inch long beard. “Did you…tell me your name?” he eventually asked, “I don’t remember…”

“You’ve just been calling me ‘cub’ and ‘boy’ all night, not that I mind. But it’s Evan, if you want to know. Can I have some of that cigar? I need a smoke.”

Justin handed him the cigar and watched the cub puff for a moment, certain he could remember a different face, an older face, but it must have just been a trick of his head and the smoke. Once they’d smoked it down to a butt, they got up finally, shared a shower, and Daddy couldn’t resist one more turn at Evan’s cub hole, not that the boy was helping, fondling Justin’s thick cock every chance he got. Justin also sucked him off in the shower and savored his cum–nothing tasted quite as good as cubcum to him. By then it was early afternoon, and Justin had avoided looking at himself in the mirror. Something about his reflection was unnerving him–he seemed…too old for some reason. Not just a little older, not like his age was creeping up on him, but like he could almost remember being Evan’s age–that dream kept coming back to him. Hadn’t he had something like that the day before?

He grew a bit distant after they shared a meal. Evan probed, but Justin said he wasn’t looking for anything serious, and the cub, a bit disappointed, left. Without him there, however, he grew a bit antsy, and wished he could have kept him there for another night or two. He jacked off, exploring his body, looking and admiring his tattoos–his smoke sleeves, the bear paws on his chest, “DADDY” across his back. He could always head to Pigtown again. He did have work tomorrow of course, but something…something told him he needed to go back again. That something wasn’t finished. He got dressed up in jeans and a tight shirt and headed over, greeting the bouncer by name, and the bartender already knew what Justin wanted to drink when he got to the bar.

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