I do check tags and usually skip the ones tagged as ‘castration’ because they usually entail what I had in mind as ‘extreme’, but not always. Back in the day you posted one called ‘into the night of god’ or something along these lines and included a bunch of warnings about it being messed up. As far as your recent stuff goes, maybe you aren’t there quite yet, but people being mindfucked to the point where they turn into borderline vegetables is pretty close.

Point taken. Perhaps I’m a bit desensitized to my own horror. The other issue here is that in my head I tend to have this idea of what I want a story to do. “Into the Night of God” wasn’t intended for anyone to jack off to (although I *may* have done so once or twice…) because it was really more a horror story than a horror/porn story, if that makes sense. Part of the reason I included those warnings was to assure people that this story was out of the ordinary–a warning that “If you’re reading this and have your cock out you will likely be disappointed.” This is part of a category of my stories I tend to call anti-porn–I can see how the ending of something like “Persistance’s Rewards” falls into the same grey area–the reason it didn’t occur to me to bump up the warnings on it is because I honestly intended that to be jack off material. Certainly not for everyone, of course.

So that’s a bit fucked up, of course. But that is as close to a “reason” as I can approach. I’m not trying to excuse it–I should have beefed up the warnings on that, especially since I already had a great big scat warning to begin with–but this is as close as I can get to explaining *why* I didn’t add that warning.

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