The Morning After – Owen Part 3

His reflection was simply watching him and standing there, as Owen kept masturbating in front of the mirror. His young body completely forgotten, and the mirror was smiling broadly, teeth bared. It came forward to the counter in the mirror and climbed up onto it. Owen doubted he’d have been able to get up there as heavy as he was, but his reflection seemed to manage the climb perfectly well…and then if crawled forward, right through the glass, like the hand had done with the rearview mirror earlier. The recollection was enough to shock him from his masturbation, and he backed up against the tub behind him, nearly falling in, as his reflection climbed back down onto his side of the counter.

“So much easier to fit through this time–such a large mirror too! That means we can have so much fun together, Owen,” the reflection said, licking it’s lips as it walked up to him in the bathroom.

“What…what are you?”

The reflection laughed. “Oh Owen, you don’t need to worry about a silly little thing like that, do you?” It grinned wide, it’s shard teeth shining in the dim bathroom light like hundreds of gleaming crystals. They’d never been so bright before in the mirror, but now that he was this close to them, he was amazed at how they caught the light. In fact, he couldn’t look away from them. It was like the the teeth had wiped away the rest of the world, sharp and cutting right into his mind. It took him a few moments to realize that the reflection was speaking to him, the teeth opening and gnashing and rattling. Behind them was some dark void, impossible to penetrate. He couldn’t quite follow what was being said, but he could…see pictures and scenes in the teeth, hundreds of them. Memories, desires, fantasies. All of them his, reflected back at him, piercing into his mind.

At first, the images didn’t make sense together. There was nothing to hold them all in place. There were hotel rooms, and he was in them. Hundreds of them, maybe thousands. There was a home, but most of his life was spent away from it, travelling. What was he doing? The images showed nothing specific. It didn’t seem important. He was a businessman–his suitcases were full of wrinkled suits, most of which were a bit too small on him. What he felt, more than anything else, looking at these hundreds of scenes, was loneliness. He was always alone. Alone eating room service. Alone watching movies on HBO. Alone masturbating. Alone staring at himself in the mirror. Alone getting dressed for another sales convention like all of the other sales conventions. It felt like it was going to crush him at any moment, like he’d simply cease to exist without anyone else noticing him for so long.

“You don’t want to be alone.”

He didn’t. He didn’t want to be alone anymore.

“You don’t have to be alone, Owen. We can be together, can’t we? And I’m sure we can find others to help keep you company here.”

The reflection stepped back from him, and Owen heard a knock at the hotel door. He turned, still naked, and walked to the door. In the hallway, through the peephole, he could see a distorted young man on the otherside. Had…had he been expecting someone? It felt like he had. He opened the door, and the man stepped inside. He looked too young to drink. He was taller than Owen, not necessarily muscular, but lithe.

“Hey Daddy,” he said, “I see someone’s ready for me already.”

Owen took a step back, and stumbled into his reflection, which had followed him out into the short hallway. “You’re ready, aren’t you Owen? You’ve been waiting for him, thinking about him, about his profile, about that dirty chat you were doing earlier?”

The young man pulled off his tight shirt slowly as the reflection spoke, and Owen’s eyes traced his smooth abs and chest with as much attention as he’d given the shards. But something…something seemed off. How if he moved quickly around the young man, he’d turn out to be flat. How there were a few too many sharp angles at his elbows and shoulders. How when he smiled at Owen, there was that same empty void behind those shiny white, jagged teeth. “Right Owen? Aren’t you excited to see me?”

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