The Wrong Side of Pigtown


Here’s the link to my Patreon exclusive story for backers who have pledged five dollars or more a month—the story that I previewed last week here. The story is attached as a .pdf—just click the icon in the upper right hand corner to download and read it. 

A note—this is my first time using this set up, so I expect a few hiccups. If you’re having trouble accessing the page (most likely, if the page asks you to donate and you know you’ve already signed up to pledge) there might be a few things wrong. One, make sure you’re logged in. Two, there are some people who are pledging five dollars or more, but who aren’t listed (on my end of things) as being part of the $5 dollar (or higher) reward group. You may have to go in and change your reward tier (this won’t change your pledge amount) to view it, depending on how Patreon works, or you might have no problem at all. Third, the site may not let you see these posts if your last payment was declined, or if you haven’t contributed yet—again, I’m not sure how the system works. It’s an adventure! If you’re having problems, send me an email or a message on Patreon, and we’ll get it sorted out. 

The Wrong Side of Pigtown

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