Gordon’s Wish (Patreon Commission)

“That’s it?” Jerry asked, taking the collar from Gordon’s hand, “I just put it on you?”

“Ideally, yeah,” Gordon said, “And, thank you. I mean, for doing this for me. I’ve wanted this for as long as I can remember, but, well, when you tell people you want them to turn you into a…a dog, they tend to freak out.”

Gordon had met Jerry at a bear run the year before–he was looking slightly pathetic, a pudgy middle aged man dressed in mitts, a pup mask, a dog tail butt plug and not much else, and ended up servicing a rough looking top dressed in a leather uniform. They’d run into each other a few more times that weekend, at first by accident, and then on purpose, and even after they’d flown back to opposite sides of the country, they’d stayed in contact. It was a few months later, after they’d been chatting as both friends and as long distance dom and sub, that Gordon sprung the request on him. Jerry, admittedly, hadn’t known what to think about it, and had figured Gordon was just taking his roleplay a bit too far, but in fact he was perfectly serious–and that, much to Jerry’s surprise, had turned him on much more than he’d expected.

“Well, we don’t even know that it’ll work, right?”

Gordon nodded, but from the look in his eyes, Jerry could see that if it didn’t, it would hurt him to the core.

“Stand at attention, pup.”

Gordon hurried to follow the order, standing rigid, hairy gut thrust out, shivering with excitement. It had to work, it just had to. Jerry unhooked the collar and wrapped it around Gordon’s neck, but as he secured the metal clasp in place, something pricked his finger, drawing a bit of blood–breaking through the leather gloves he had on–and when he pulled his hand away, the collar had become a solid band of leather around the sub’s neck. “T–thank you, master,” Gordon said, and unable to help himself, licked his face. “Sorry…sorry Master, I don’t…I don’t know why I just did that.”

A gloved hand wrapped around the back of his head, and Jerry pulled him into a kiss, and as much as he tried to kiss him normally, Gordon kept returning to licking, and Jerry felt his sub’s tongue lengthening as it scraped across his face, growing thinner, and then their mouths didn’t fit together quite as well as they should. He pulled back and saw that the shape of Gordon’s head had changed significantly–his mouth pushing out into a short snout, his nose blackening. His beard had expanded all over his face and was now of two colors–around his mouth it had become pitch black, but as it grew up over his face and head it was a golden brown. Jerry pulled off a glove and stroked his fur with one hand, seeing Gordon’s still human eyes look at him with something between terror, excitement and love.

“Does it hurt?”

Gordon tried to speak, but it came out as a garble. In the end he shook his head ‘No’.

“That’s good. Here’s let’s get those clothes off of you, I doubt they’ll fit for much longer.”

Together they got off Gordon’s harness, leather shorts, jockstrap and boots. It was both easy, because Gordon was slowly shrinking out of them all anyway, but also more difficult, because before they were finished, his hands had fully morphed into paws, covered with the same golden fur as his head, which was spreading up his arms as they grew thinner. His legs were changing similarly, and as Gordon tried to get the boots off, he discovered he couldn’t balance on his two pads like they were feet, and he tumbled forward into Jerry, who caught him and lowered him down. At first he tried to stay on his hands and knees, but his legs wouldn’t bend right to allow it, his new bones forcing him onto all fours.

He looked over and saw the full length mirror that hung in Jerry’s play room, and took a few steps forward. First, he was trying to figure out how to make his legs work, but soon he realized that they worked just fine–he already knew how to work them, didn’t he? If anything, this felt more natural to him than walking on two legs ever had. And yet, it still felt…so strange. He’d imagined it for so long, in so many different ways, that the reality of it. He approached the mirror, saw his mostly German Shepherd face, and saw himself pull his tall ears back a bit, nervously. He could see that his arms and legs had fully changed–it was the bulk of his human torso which was left, the golden fur spreading over his heavy gut, pulling it up into a leaner frame, the black fur spreading over his back and down to his…tail. He hadn’t even noticed it pushing it’s way out above his ass, and he gave it a tentative wag, seeing his new mouth smile.

Jerry had followed him over to the mirror, still unable to believe that any of this was actually happening. It would be a lie, however, to say that he wasn’t turned on. This was a fantasy of his own–just not one he’d ever imagined he’d be able to experience in his life. In fact, Gordon was the first partner who had managed to coax it from his imagination and out his mouth. Gordon looked up at him, and nuzzled the crotch of Jerry’s breeches. He could see the bulge as well, and he licked at the leather. Jerry unzipped the fly and let his cock out. Gordon was careful to keep his new fangs well away from his Master’s flesh, and focused on licking the length of the shaft with his tongue, wrapping it around the head, listening for his master’s moans, and his smell!

Something shifted in his mind, and the entire world lit up for him in a completely unfamiliar way. He could smell…everything. He could smell where he’d been, where his Master had been–the whole room smelled of his Master, and that made him so incredibly, indescribably, irrationally happy. Happy and safe. He licked a bit harder, and then too his Master’s cock in his mouth, gently grazing it with his teeth, feeling him shudder. “C–Careful pup, not too hard…” Jerry said, but Gordon…he could sense that he liked the feeling more than he might be willing to let on, and did it again. Jerry didn’t protest. He shuddered, and flooded his pup’s mouth with cum, Gordon licking the head and drinking it down happily, and then sat back on his haunches, tongue hanging out, panting, and trying to figure out what had just happened to him.

It didn’t really matter, did it? He had Master, and Master would keep him safe. Jerry put his cock away, and looked down at his dog–his new German Shepherd…and yet, he could remember owning him for years now…right? He noticed something glinting on Gordon’s collar, reached down, and looked at the tag that had appeared. It had his name and address on it, but surely it hadn’t been there before.

Gordon let out a whine, and looked over to the door, where several leashes hung.

“What, you wanna go for a walk, pup?”

Gordon let out a happy bark and charged over to the door, sitting patiently, looking back over his shoulder at his Master. Jerry walked over, clipped a leash to his collar, and they walked on into their dream together.

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