Daddy4Boys: Hi boy

Jasonite555: Who is this?

Daddy4Boys: Your daddy, boy. Don’t pretend like you don’t know who I am 😉

Jasonite555: No, I actually don’t.

Daddy4Boys: But you got in bed naked with me just last night, boy.

Jasonite555: Leave me alone fag

Daddy4Boys: You’d always wanted your daddy’s body, but you didn’t know how to ask. You had a bad dream, and asked to climb into bed with me, and we were naked, and your little dicklet got hard.

Daddy4Boys: You asked me something boy, what did you ask me?

Daddy4Boys: Tell me boy.

Jasonite555: Why’s my dicklet hard, daddy?

Jasonite555: What the fuck, why did I fucking type that?

Daddy4Boys: Your dicklet’s hard because you like lying here naked with your daddy, see? Daddy’s cock is hard too, son. Go on, touch it, it’s ok.

Jasonite555: No this is fucked up

Jasonite555: I’m not gonna

Jasonite555: Wow daddy, it’s so much bigger than mine, big and hard

Daddy4Boys: It sure is, son, but yours will get bigger when you’re older, but for now you’re just my big boy. Do you like me touching your dicklet?

Jasonite555: Yeah daddy, it feels really good.

Daddy4Boys: It feels good having you touch my cock too, son.

[Jasonite555 has logged out]


Daddy4Boys: Hi son

Jasonite555: What the fuck, I fucking blocked you, you sick fuck

Daddy4Boys: Now is that any way to talk to your daddy?

Jasonite555: Fucking shut up, you fucking did something to me, you freak. My fucking dicklet shrank

Jasonite555: Not a dicklet, fuck

Jasonite555: It’s like, three inches hard now, what the fuck did you do?

Daddy4Boys: That’s it boy, I’ve had it with your tone. *Grabs you, bends you over my knee, and pulls down the back of your pants for a spanking.*

Jasonite555: No daddy, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it

Daddy4Boys: *Starts smacking your fat ass with my hand.*

Jasonite555: Daddy, no, please, it hurts.

Daddy4Boys: If you don’t want to be spanked, then you need to speak to me with respect boy.

Jasonite555: I’m sorry daddy

Daddy4Boys: *Let’s you up after ten swats.* That’s alright boy. Now son, be honest, did that spanking make your dicklet hard?

Jasonite555: No…

Daddy4Boys: *Pulls down your pants* Don’t lie to Daddy boy, I can see how hard your dicklet is.

Jasonite555: My dicklet’s not hard! No!

Daddy4Boys: I think someone needs another spanking, to learn not to tell lies. *Pulls you back over my knee, and listens to you moan with pleasure as I smack your ass harder.*

Jasonite555: Oh…oh daddy, my dicklet…something’s coming out, daddy!

Daddy4Boys: *I keep swatting, and then let you stand up, rubbing your ass. There’s a splotch of cum from your dicklet shot across the crotch of my pants.*

Jasonite555: No…No, I did not just fucking cum, I didn’t

Daddy4Boys: You made quite the mess son.

Jasonite555: I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t mean to. I couldn’t stop.

Daddy4Boys: Well I think it’s only right that you should clean up your own messes, son. Get down here and lick it all up.

Jasonite555: I’m not gonn

Jasonite555: you cant make me type

Jasonite555: *Gets down and starts licking up the cum from my dicklet like a good boy.*

Daddy4Boys: *I ruffle your hair with my hand.* How does it taste, son?

Jasonite555: Really good daddy, I didn’t know you could eat it.

Daddy4Boys: Would you like some more? Daddy can give you some, but you’re gonna have to suck it out. There’s nothing that makes boys’ bellies grow big and fat like cum.

[Jasonite555 has logged off]


Jasonite555: What the fuck did you do to me.

Jasonite555: I can’t stop eating my cum, you fucking freak, every time my tiny dicklet shoots, I have to lick it up.

Jasonite555: And I’m getting fatter, I have a fucking gut.

Jasonite555: How are you fucking doing this.

Jasonite555: Fucking answer me! I know you’re there.

[Jasonite555 has logged off]


Jasonite555: Look, I’m sorry.

Jasonite555: I can’t eat anymore, I stuffed myself. I’m so full I feel like I’m going to burst.

Jasonite555: Please stop this, don’t make me do that again, I’m sorry.

Jasonite555: Please, I’m scared daddy

Daddy4Boys: It’s alright boy, I’m here.

Jasonite555: Why didn’t you say anything! I thought you’d never respond

Daddy4Boys: Now now, don’t cry son, it’s perfectly alright. It’s all normal for fat boys like you to eat everything you can.

Jasonite555: It is?

Daddy4Boys: Well sure. Besides, it feels kind of good, doesn’t it? Your belly stuffed so full you can barely move?

Jasonite555: Yeah, I mean, kinda

Daddy4Boys: Turn on your cam, son. I want to see.

Jasonite555: I don’t

Jasonite555: Why am I even talking to you

[Jasonite555 invited Daddy4Boys to view your webcam.]

Daddy4Boys: Oh yes, you look beautiful son, just what I wanted. So fat and smooth.

Jasonite555: Really? You like how I look daddy?

Daddy4Boys: I think you’re beautiful son. Do you want to see your daddy?

Jasonite555: I do.

[Jasonite555 has invited Daddy4Boys to view their webcam.]

Daddy4Boys: What do you think of daddy, son?

Jasonite555: I like you daddy. Looking at you makes my dicklet really hard.

Daddy4Boys: Of course it does son. Most boys get turned on looking at their daddy’s fat, old bodies, just like how daddy’s get turned on looking at their fat, smooth, young boys.

Daddy4Boys: But you only ‘like’ me, boy?

Daddy4Boys: I think you love me son.

Daddy4Boys: Answer me. Tell me the truth, or I’ll have to spank you again.

Jasonite555: I love you daddy

Jasonite555: I do, but I don’t think I should love you. I think you’re doing something strange to me.

Daddy4Boys: Oh, little boys like you shouldn’t worry about things like that.

Jasonite555: But it’s scary

Daddy4Boys: It’s not scary. You just think too much son. You’re too smart for your own good. You need to think less, and just trust daddy to do all the thinking for you. Just focus on that hard dicklet, and on making daddy happy. Just a dumb, fat, happy boy.

Jasonite555: I don’t wanna to be dumb.

Daddy4Boys: It doesn’t matter what you want to be, it’s just what you are. The sooner you accept your role in life, the happier you’ll be.

Jasonite555: My dicklets, like, so super hard daddy

Jasonite555: can i play with it

Daddy4Boys: Of course boy, as long as I can play with my cock while you do.

Jasonite555: your cock is so big daddy

Daddy4Boys: I bet you’d like to suck on it, right boy? And feel it up your ass?

Jasonite555: yeah

Daddy4Boys: You’ve never had sex with anyone before. I can’t wait to be your first.

Jasonite555: I had sex before

Jasonite555: I think

Daddy4Boys: You’re remembering wrong. That’s just you thinking about all that daddy porn you look at all day long, while you stuff your face with food. You’re really stupid after all, so you just get confused really easily.

Jasonite555: yeah you probably right daddy

Jasonite555: Yeah, I’m just dumb I’ve never had sex but I really really really want to have sex with you, so bad

Jasonite555: can I cum daddy?

Jasonite555: im so close

Daddy4Boys: Yeah son, shoot your load for me.

Jasonite555: that felt so good daddy, tastes so good too. I hope I get to taste yours for real one day.

Daddy4Boys: Soon boy, you will soon. Tonight, in fact. I’m coming to pick you up now.

Jasonite555: Really!!! I’m so excited.

Daddy4Boys: See you soon boy.

Jasonite555: ok daddy, I can’t wait. I love you daddy, I love you so so much

[Daddy4Boys has logged off]

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