Alright, so here’s that exciting thing I’ve been wanting to show all of you–I’ve decided to open an account on Patreon! If you don’t know what Patreon is, let me offer an explanation. Patreon is a bit like Kickstarter, except instead of donating once and investing in the hope a project will be made in the future, Patreon allows patrons (i.e., all of you) to pledge donations on a regular basis to creators (i.e. me) as they produce content. This provides artists with a much more consistent revenue stream, especially for those of us who produce work on a regular, while still allowing them to work towards fulfilling larger goals in their work.
So what exactly would I be doing with the money? I have two primary goals. First, I really miss being able to update my tumblr on a more regular basis than simply two days a week, but at the moment, that’s all I can consistently muster given the amount of time I have to write on a weekly basis. If I can start generating a more regular source of income from my writing, then I can start providing more regular content, on three, four or five days of the week. Having more time would also allow me to put out a greater variety of content, like metawriting articles, on a more regular basis. 
My second goal is grander. I enjoy writing these captions, but what I would really prefer is to invest my time and energy into longer novellas and novels. This includes my rewrite of “City of Bears,” it includes long commissions for friends that I currently only have time to chip away at, it includes interactive stories and text based adventure games. However, my ideas are generally thwarted by my lack of time and cash. I would very much like to release a longer novella or a collection of stories digitally through for a small price (under five dollars) every three or four months, and Patreon would help me accomplish that. 
But what’s in it for you, right? Like Kickstarter, Patreon lets me reward people who donate to me. Anyone who pledges a donation of more than one dollar a month will be able to access a massive archive of unfinished and unposted stories which I have accumulated over the last seven years. It’s huge. Like, 230,000 words huge. Three novels (or one long fantasy novel) huge. If you can donate more than that, you can gain access to stories I’ll be publishing exclusively to Patreon, as well as early access to drafts of stories I’m currently writing. For those who are exceptionally generous, you can even receive a monthly commission from me where I write anything you might want. 
I have never objected to providing this content for free, and I still don’t. However, I also firmly believe that we ought to do our best to provide artists with income. Even giving one dollar a month would help me get more content to you faster, and at a higher quality than I have been able to provide on my own for free. If you have any questions about patreon itself, you can check out their FAQ here, and you can find my page here. I’ll be on tumblr all day, so if you have any questions to ask me in particular, ask away.

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