Finally gonna get some motherfuckin’ answers from this motherfucker. What the fuck is going on with my son? First those fucking cigars, and now tattoos? And he’s dropping out of college? Apartment 305…305, here it is, bang on the door, let him know I mean business.

Naturally, the fucker doesn’t have the balls to answer. I’ll just fucking wait for him. Wait–the door’s unlocked? Good enough for me, let’s find this fucker. Living room’s empty, not in the kitchen, try the bedroom…what the hell? He’s just laying there, groping himself…staring at me. I yell, he doesn’t do anything, just keeps staring at me, stroking himself, so fucking rhythmic…


Fuck…how long…how long have I been watching him? He hasn’t stopped once. I just…I just got here right? I can’t take my eyes away, what the hell is he doing to me? What the fuck is wrong with…with…


When did it get so hot in here, better…better take my shirt off…pants…pants too. Don’t look away though…keep watching him, keep staring, gotta keep staring at him…


Yeah, groping my cock now, like him. So fuckin’ horny. Can’t…didn’t I…come here to ask about…about something? My head feels so fuckin’ empty all of a sudden. Damn, his bulge is big, bigger than mine. He must have a huge cock, I wonder how big it is?


What…how did…I’m closer now, on my knees in front of him, just staring, his groin right there, fuckin’…a foot away, and he’s just rubbing himself. He…he should let me do that for him. He should let me please him…let me…serve him, yeah, serve him. He should let me serve him like…like a slave…


Why won’t he let me help him! He just keeps teasing me. Doesn’t he know how much this hurts? How much it hurts that he won’t let me please him? I’m just a fuckin’ slave, I don’t have any other purpose, I’m just a worthless old faggot, but he just keeps staring at me, gloating, he’s not going to let me have it, is he? I have…I have to…to earn it…Show him…show him how much of a faggot I am. There’s…there’s something in the other room, something I should put on…I don’t want to stop watching, but…


Not enough, I’m all dressed, but he still won’t let me please him…I’ll…I need his body. Wait, something, he’s moving his foot, yes, please let me serve you sir, let me…oh fuck, his socks reek, so fucking disgusting, gotta suck the sweat out of them, fuck! Gotta be a good slave, gotta show him what a good slave I am, what a worthless faggot I am, if I want to serve him properly. Take the sock off with my teeth, yeah, pull it off, tongue between his nasty toes, lick him clean, lick his feet clean, fuck…


Finally! Finally his cock, finally what I came for, finally I can serve him. Oh fuck, it tastes so good, just how I always imagined. I’m such a good slave, just a worthless slave for cock, for my master, I promise I’ll serve you forever, I’ll do anything you say, anything you want for the rest of my life.


Hank, Tim’s father, had left to confront Julian the afternoon on the eighth, and his car didn’t pull back into the driveway until over twenty-four hours later, with the sun starting to set. He parked his car and swung both his feet out–it had been hard to work the pedals with his feet chained together, but he had to be a good slave, had to be a proper slave for master. His body was sweating in the rubber suit, especially under the summer sun, but he stood up, hair drenched with sweat, as Julian got out of the passenger seat and stretched.  

Across the street, Mr. Clark was washing his truck, and his jaw dropped when he saw Hank in the driveway. Hank gave a wave and a big smile, his eyes oddly empty, and then he shuffled his way up the walk to the front door, opened the door, but waited for Julian to enter before following in after him.

Tim was sitting in a chair, smoking a cigar, and he looked up and saw Julian enter the front door. “Fuck, what the hell took you so long?”

Julian laughed, stepped to the side and let Tim get a look at his rubber clad father, grinning stupidly at them both, waiting for orders.

Tim broke out in laughter, “Holy shit! What the fuck did you do to him?”

“He’s our new rubber slave–it just took some work breaking his mind to bits is all. Slave, get down there and suck your son’s cock.”

“Yes sir,” Hank said, shuffled over with his chains scraping across the floor, got down on his knees and started sucking Tim’s cock.

“Fuck man, he’s better at it than I would have thought.”

“He had some practice already. So what do you say? Do you like your gift?”

“Fuck man,” Tim said, “I fuckin’ love it. He’s been driving me crazy lately.”

“Heh, I bet. Still, I have a few more ideas on how I could improve your relationship together, eh?” Julian said, and started massaging his crotch. While Hank kept sucking, Tim found his mind go deliciously blank, staring at Julian’s crotch, feeling all sorts of new, perverse thoughts flow into him, humiliating ideas, cruel ideas, things he would have never imagined.

“Yeah, you’re going to be one cruel master for this rubber pig, eh man?” Julian said, and stopped groping himself.

Tim sneered down at his slave, pulled his cock out and said, “Open wide, bitch,” and when his father’s mouth was open, he tapped the hot ashes from his cigar into his mouth, “Swallow.” Hank did as he was told, choking down the hot, dry dust. “Good pig,” Tim added, and grabbed the back of his father’s head, skull fucking him like a proper thug.

“Fuckin’ hot,” Julian said, came up to him, opened the fly of his jeans and let Tim suck his cock while his father blew him.

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