Sneak Peek: Justin and Tim

I’m working on an extended version of “Justin and Huck’s Long Summer.” Here’s a rough draft of a new section


It occurred to Justin, sometime in mid-august, that their father had been coming and going in from the house, to work and home again, somehow completely unaware of what Huck was doing to him. Somehow, he always managed to make himself scarce when Huck appeared to tempt him, and so, in an effort to shield himself, in the childish hope that his father could somehow save him from this unending humiliation at the hands of his brother, he made a point of trying to stay near him whenever he was home–something his father seemed to resist and resent.

He soon discovered that his father had his own routine–mainly getting drunk on the couch every afternoon, watching whatever sport happened to be on ESPN, growing his gut. He cringed every time Justin called him dad. In fact, he seemed completely uninterested in the role. Finally, one afternoon when he tried to engage his dad in the hopes of avoiding Huck, his father, six beers drunk, turned to him and said, “You don’t fucking remember me at all, do you? Who I was? Fuck Justin, what the fuck did he do to you?”

Justin just stared at him, unable to make any sense of what he said.

“We were fucking friends for fucking years, man! I fucking disappear, and no one does fucking anything? Fuck–shit’s fucked.”

Justin racked his brain. His last year of high school seemed so far away now, but he could remember someone…someone named Tim. He’d gone missing in March, or something, but no one…no one had done anything about it. But what did that have to do with anything?

“Dad, what are you telling him?” Huck said. He’d slipped into the living room while they were talking, “You know the rules, dad.”

Their father gulped down his beer, and let off a loud belch. “Fuck you Huck, I’m…I’m your fucking father–you fucking made me this fucking piece of shit, so the least you could do is give me a little fuckin’ respect, boy!”

Huck slipped past Justin, and watched his brother run his hand through the stubble of their father’s round chin, before sliding one finger into his mouth. “I wanted it to be a surprise for later, you know.”

It hit Justin immediately, like a his brain suddenly shifted and revealed an entire section of his memory that had been hidden away deep within him. How his best friend Tim had started acting strange in the fall, and then simply disappeared in the middle of the spring of their senior year. He could remember all of this happening, but he couldn’t remember anyone doing anything about it. It was like he’d just fallen from the earth and their minds all at once–there one day, and gobe the next.

“No one remembers you either, now–so don’t think about telling anyone, Grandpa.”

His family–he hadn’t seen his family in months! He’d just…he’d just left one day, and come here, and just…just stayed! He couldn’t remember how any of it had even happened, and he stumbled back from Huck. “What the fuck are you, you’re not fucking human, no one can do this, this is insane.”

“Well, I am human…mostly–I think?” Huck said, and then shrugged, “It started to blur together a while ago. Still, I’m enjoying myself, aren’t you, daddy?”

Huck slid into his dad’s lap and started making out with him; Justin turned and ran to his room before he could get too turned on and change himself. Rather than listen to them fuck downstairs, he hefted open his window, popped out the screen, and climbed out onto the roof. Could he kill himself? It was only one story, but if he hit head first, maybe he had a chance. Unable to commit, he sat out there for a while instead, until the door to his room opened, and his father entered his room.

“Hey, Justin? What are you doing out there?”

What was he doing out here? He’d been thinking about something…but it had slipped his mind suddenly. A bit confused, he climbed back into his room and found his dad naked in front of him…and fuck, if his son wasn’t one fucking hot middle aged bear. Justin tromped across the room, his gut filling out as he did, hair whitening, and he could smell cum–his grandson’s cubcum, splattered across Tim’s face. He licked it off, and then kissed him deeply, thrusting his tongue into his mouth, feeling the stubble on his bare cheeks.

Through the hole in the wall, Huck watched his father and grandfather fuck. Later, when Justin had cum deep in Tim’s hole, he’d go in there and suck the cum out while grandpa fucked his ass. His dad had already fucked him, but he was always up for another fuck. They would all be fucking forever if he had any say in it–and it was only his say that mattered, as far as they were all concerned.

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