Are there any specific instances of mind control in media (such as TV shows, movies, or books) that have influenced what you like or your work?

Well….yes, one book that influenced me a lot was “The Lathe of Heaven” by Ursula K. LeGuin, about a man whose dreams literally come true. Other than that, the examples are a bit more general, I suppose.

I loved episodes of shows I used to watch as a kid where characters were forced to turn evil–that always made me really excited for reasons I couldn’t quite explain. The idea that you could force someone to do something they would never do always fascinated, and the endings always disappointed me, when the hero would throw off the control and save the day. 

Stories and book with forced transformations were always of interest too, or where characters had to deal with transformations they couldn’t return from. Now that I think about it, various aspects of the “Animorphs” series that I read voraciously as a kid fill these two categories out quite well (mind control / corruption + transformation? Who would have thought that would fascinate me!) and I’m sure there are others.

Growing older, I’d often take opportunities to craft my own stories which would slip these themes in. I often Dungeon Mastered D&D games for friends, and would always find some excuse to thrall them, or polymorph them into hobgoblins (I did, in fact, jack off many times to the hobgoblin art in the Third Edition Monster Manual) or corrupt their alignment or what have you. Those are a few instances I suppose–I wouldn’t say they “influenced” what I like–that always seemed to run deeper than these things could touch, but those were certainly my outlets as a kid and teenager.

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