Huck and Justin’s Hot Summer

Justin was in his room, working out. It was one of the few things he could still do that would give him some peace. It was hot summer afternoon, his brother, Huck, in his room next door, doing who knew what. He didn’t want to think about Huck right, now, not since that…whatever happened. He still didn’t know how to even talk to himself about it in his head.

And so he was working out. He was working out because he couldn’t be out at bars, hooking up with slutty bitches and fucking them in the back of his truck off the highway. He was working out because it was exhausting, it wore him out enough that he wouldn’t get horny. He was working out because then, once he figured out what in the hell his brother had done to him, he’d be hotter than ever, and after a solid beating he’d tie Huck up and make that faggot watch him fuck woman after woman in his bed, but for now, he was working out, and that’s all he could do.

The phone on his desk, next to the bench, buzzed once, he set down his weights. It was from Huck–best to ignore it.

A minute later, it was obvious that Huck wasn’t going to be ignored. He heard his brother knock on his locked, bedroom door. “Becca’s at her window. Getting into her bathing suit. I think she’s wondering why you haven’t been calling.”

“Fuck off Huck, I’m not going to look.”

“Oh, you don’t have to look, bro. What’s it been? Six days? I know you like working out, but those balls of yours are only gonna get bluer. Those breasts of hers though, damn, almost as big as mine, bouncing like that. I think she’s pretty horny for you.”

Justin felt his cock pulse, but he tamped it down as best he could.

“I heard the two of you fuck once, you know. She sounded like she wanted you bad. All the girls want you bad though, they all want that big cock of yours. Too bad they can’t have it now–the only one who gets your hard cock is me, daddy. Are you my daddy yet? Why don’t you come out and play, daddy?”

No use, it was getting hard. He could feel his muscles going soft, the gut growing in. The work out clothes he had on were too tight suddenly, and he yanked them off, one wrinkled hand stroking his cock. It had always been seven inches, but now it grew to ten. All he could think of was Huck, that sexy, fat cub, of his. He licked his lips, feeling the white mustache sprout on his lip, his hair gone from his head. He hefted himself up and opened the door–there he was, fuckin’ beautiful.

Huck was down, and his whole cock was down his cub’s throat in one thrust. Justin skull fucked his brother, making him gag. He wanted him to suffer as much as possible, but Huck just loved the rough treatment even more. After less than a minute he was cumming, his old balls pumping out what felt like gallons of cum, cock softening, fat retreating back into muscle. He yanked his cock from Huck’s suckling mouth and slammed the door in his face without a word.


The summer only got hotter. The nights, humid and sleepless, Justin would find himself unable to control himself, waking in the middle of the night from half remembered dreams, his huge cock rock hard, feeling his soft belly rise and fall, thinking about Huck in the next room. Sometimes a few rounds of sweaty masturbation, imagining his fat brother sucking on his old balls or licking out his damp crack would be enough to cum and calm down, but increasingly he would have to go to greater lengths to sate himself.

He stole a pair of his brother’s briefs, and the stink of his brother’s sweat would help him cum. Unfortunately, it would make him so horny it would take two or three orgasms before he returned to normal. He soon discovered that Huck knew what he had stolen. One bad night, he checked for the briefs and discovered they’d been replaced by a rag, still cum damp, and he sucked out as much of it as he could, panting and yanking on his old nipples as he did. His brother started sending him messages at night to rile him up–before long they were trading pictures. It was a sleepless summer. Huck began tempting him over. Telling him how much he wanted to suck his daddy’s old dick dry all night long. Justin resisted. Huck grew impatient, and drilled a hole through the wall.

Huck’s bed was across from the wall, and Justin would crouch there, peeping for much of the night, watching Huck toss and turn, rub his sweaty body, jack off. He would talk dirty, how he knew his pervy daddy was watching him, wishing he was brave enough to come over and give his cub a good fuck. He would sit on the other side, begging Justin to stick his big, wrinkled cock through, let him suck it. He always did, eventually. He loved that slutty fucking cub of his. He liked leading him on. Now he was the one trying to get Huck horny. Now he was the one sticking his cock through the hole first, telling Huck how much he wanted his daddy’s dirty cock. And then, he was slipping into his brother’s room at night, while he hoped he was asleep, jacking off over him, cumming across his face before retreating back to his own room.

The days were hotter; he was haggard and exhausted. He felt less and less like himself. He no longer worked out, and dozed instead. He found that women no longer could excite him, even as his muscular, young stud self. He would watch Becca out his window, but no hard on would come. All he wanted was his brother now, and Huck knew it.


August, the heat unbearable.

“I know you want to, daddy.”

Huck was outside on the back patio, naked.

“Come on out and play with me. I have a cold beer for you…” he sang, turned around and swung his ass how Justin had come to like it. This body, his body was so fucking sweaty, under his moobs and in his gunt, and he was starting to stink, especially after he’d spent all night in bed, rolling around with his cub, fuck. He was starting to stay like this longer and longer now. This was starting to feel normal. This wasn’t supposed to happen, he was supposed to push back, keep himself together, but now here he was, seriously considering going outside, naked, where anyone could see him and Huck, and fuck if his cock wasn’t rock hard at the idea of someone seeing. Yeah, he wanted people to see, he wanted people to know what a perverted old daddy he is. He wanted people to see how much he loves his fat cub.

Huck was still shaking his ass, slow, back and forth, and Justin stepped onto the patio, pulled his boy close, running his cock up and down the cub’s crack. Huck moaned as his daddy sucked on his neck hard, leaving a dark hickey, his wrinkled hands kneading Huck’s breasts. He pulled away and turned around, sat Justin down in a chair, gave him the can of beer, and he could only watch, trembling a bit, as his boy lubed his big cock up with spit and slowly slid his the shaft into his ass. Their first public fuck. Any of their neighbors could see them if they just looked down.

Later, in his room, Justin crumbled down next to his bed, cock soft, his real body back, and sobbed. He couldn’t think about what he’d just done, about what he was doing. He couldn’t think about that, because as soon as he did his cock would get hard, and he’d fall back into his perversions, into that fat old fuck of a body, and he couldn’t let that happen anymore. If it kept happening, before too long he didn’t think he’d want to be himself for much longer. Huck’s ass was just so tight, so fucking warm. The way it slid in so easily; that boy’s ass was made for his cock. Justing dug around under his fat gut for his cock and gave it a few strokes, and then found Huck in his room, naked, and fucked him all over again.

This is the last time though, he told himself, the last fucking time, I swear.

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