The summer was sweltering, and Jordan was definitely thankful for having a pool out back that he could jump in at anytime he felt like. He’d wake up late, after his parents had already left for work, throw on his swim trunks and after a quick protein shake for breakfast, he’d be out back in the pool.

However, if Jordan had bothered to turn on the TV this morning, he would have found out that a chemical company had accidentally dumped an unknown, untested chemical into the river the night before, polluting the entire neighborhood’s water supply, his pool included. That said, when Jordan stepped out onto the patio, he definitely knew something was up, because the usually clear water was instead a vibrant green.

Still, Jordan wasn’t about to let something like that deter him from his daily pool, and the day was heating up quick. It didn’t smell bad after all, and it even tasted normal. With a shrug, he dove in, swam a couple of laps before his skin started to tingle and he was starting to struggle in the water for some reason. Figuring he should probably get out, he maneuvered over to a side ladder and tried, unsuccessfully, to heft himself up out of the pool.

He just felt so weak all of a sudden, and like his body weighed a whole lot more than it should have. He gave it another try, eyes shut in concentration, and managed to heft himself up the ladder and onto the side of the pool, huffing hard, when he looked down at himself in disbelief. What in the hell had the water done to him? He’d packed on close to a hundred pounds, and his body was covered with hair. His swim trunks were nowhere to be seen; he must have burst out of them in the water without even noticing. Still coated in the water, he rushed inside to get a better look at himself in a mirror, but by the time he’d gotten to the one in the hall, he saw that the changes had progressed even further. The hair on his head was entirely gone, and the beard which had sprouted across his face was now not only several inches long, but nearly entirely white. His gut was now hanging even lower, and the rest of his body was filling out, making it hard for him to walk, and the hair on his skin was so dense he could barely see his skin.

Realizing that he was still coated in the strange water, he waddled back out and dried himself off with a towel, but the damage was done. Weighing in at over 600 pounds, inch long hairs coating his entire body, aged to look nearly seventy years old, Jordan discovered one last side effect of the water—his balls. They had swelled up to nearly four times the size, eclipsing the cock he could no longer reach imbedded in his fat, and unable to help himself, he spent the rest of the day fucking his fat pad, shooting load after load of cum, sobbing and unable to control himself, until his parents got home from work and took him to the hospital.

Needless to say, Jordan received a sizeable settlement from the chemical company, but the changes were irreversible. One silver lining was that, even though Jordan looked to be seventy, he was still as healthy as he’d been in his late teens, and the fat he’d gained appeared to have no health dangers—though he never managed to lose a pound of it. Instead, he resigned himself to a life as a rich, obese old pervert, jacking off nearly constantly—but he never went into a pool again.

What the fuck did I just read

A story, dumbass. What did you think it was?

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