“What did she mean though, when she said we both couldn’t get what we want, though? I mean, we should just think about this for a second, is all I mean.”

“What’s to think about? Either we get the bodies we want, or it doesn’t work.”

Jamie and Paul looked at the two identical potions the witch had given them–and they both drank them down in a single gulp. It was obvious, before long, that magic was definitely real, and Jamie felt his body lengthen, his gut and kid fat shrink away replaced by muscle, his small, three inch cock lengthening out to seven inches. He was hot! He was a fucking stud!

Laughing, he looked up at his friend, and his smile died on his face. Paul was looking down at his middle aged body, fat gutted and thin limbed, his dick as small as a straw, but when Paul looked up at him–it wasn’t his friend’s kind eyes, and a sneer curled under his mustache. “Get over here and suck me off, bitch,” he said, and Jamie tried to say no, but he couldn’t resist the compulsion. He got down and started sucking on his friend’s–no, his master’s tiny cock, but it was beautiful. It was his favorite cock in the world.

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