Sketch #6 – What He’d Seen

Martin was on the sidewalk, having a smoke outside his building, trying to forget about what he’d seen the night before, or at least tell himself that he hadn’t seen it. He should tell someone, he should tell the police, he should–

There, at the end of the block. Was that him? Was that the man?

He turned and walked the other direction. It was different, seeing him in the daylight. He should have felt safer, but he didn’t. He tried not to look panicked, he tried to keep a brisk pace, but the end of the block was a bustling intersection with no way to jaywalk–he was trapped.

“Fancy seeing you here, big boy?” A voice said in his ear, one hand curving around his side, around his belly. It felt…so good. How could one gesture feel so wonderful. He moaned and slumped back against the man slightly, unable to help himself for some reason. “Why don’t you and I have a little talk? I want to hear about what you say last night.”

What he’d seen. He’d seen two guys in a truck, parked, jacking eachother off. He’d seen them proposition a guy for a threesome. This man had taken him up on it, except not in the way they were expecting. Where two young thuggish guys had left the truck, two slaves left with the man, forcibly made in the darkness between the streetlamps, in the dingy dark where Martin couldn’t have been certain he’d seen anything at all. Martin, who had watched it happen, jacking his cock in the open as the two men were fucked and submitted to the man, accepted their chains gratefully in the dark, and he had been seen, just like he’d worried, but now here he was in the alley shade, away from anyone who might help him, cock hard, moaning as the man dragged him further down behind a dumpster.

“I assume you saw everything?”

“Y–Yes sir, I did sir,” Martin said. He hadn’t been able to see the man’s face the night before, and he still couldn’t. His eyes couldn’t look there, they couldn’t touch this master, this man, this stranger, this god? When had he fallen to his knees? When had he started rubbing his fat cheeks into the cumstiff denim of the man’s jeans?

“I thought as much. Loose ends always seem to pop up. You know that I can’t have you say anything about what you saw right? I can’t let anyone know what might happen in the city at nights.”

Martin grunted and snorted in agreement. He didn’t need to talk anyway. He needed to suck, he needed to suck and drink and eat and fuck.

“Oh, little piggy,” the man said, and he let his cock out of his fly. Martin squealed with excitement and started sucking on it, drool leaking out of the corners of his mouth, the man reaching down as the pig’s clothes tightened up into a black rubber suit, nothing exposed aside from it’s fat ass and the massive plug shoved deep into its hole. “That’s a very good piggy indeed.”

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