Sketch #5 – Getting Bigger

“There are lots of ways to get bigger though.”

“Yeah, but this isn’t what I was fucking talking about, you fucking freak! We were just having a competition, and I wanted some help beating Jack this month!”

“Well too late now–you’re the one who ate all the pills without asking me what they did,” Rudy said, sounding a bit exasperated over the phone, “You can work it off.”

“I can’t work off seventy five pounds! Plus I’m hungry as fuck. Even if I could, Jack’s going to be home any second! What’s he going to say when he sees me like this?”

“Not really my problem.”

“It fucking is your problem! Get the fuck over here and fix this!–Hello? Hello? Did you fucking hang up on me?”

The sound of a key in the door, and Craig couldn’t waddle out of the room fast enough to avoid Jack seeing him, 250 pounds and pile of lard, and his sweaty partner just gaped from the doorway, letting his gym bag fall to the floor with his jaw.


Cheeks red, eyes watering, he locked himself in the bathroom until Jack gave up trying to get him to come out. Then he smelled it–the food. Jack was a nice cook, and had a way of making the healthiest dish seem hearty and filling, but the smells he was getting this time, butter and fat and meat and starch and he was out of the bathroom, salivating, and there was Jack with an overflowing dinner table.

“Did…did you make all this…for me?”

“Get over here and eat, big boy,” Jack said, and was that…lust? Craig was too hungry to worry about it. He lumbered over and started stuffing his face, Jack massaging his gut as he ate, getting down behind him and licking his ass clean, sucking his cock, licking him all over. He didn’t know what was going on–Jack had never told him he was a chubby chaser, but then that might explain some of the bear sites that kept popping in their browser history…

Jack ended up on the kitchen table, Craig trying to fuck him. He’d never had the largest cock and it was harder with all this fat. Jack got frustrated before too long, sat Craig down on the couch and went to get his pump. He fed Craig dessert while they engorged his cock, not stopping until it was seven inches and huge, and then Jack happily fucked himself on his boyfriend’s fat cock for the rest of the evening.

The next day, Craig called Rudy to get some more pills from him. Jack and him had been talking, and they both wanted him over 600 pounds by the end of the month. Rudy threw in some male enhancement as a bonus, and before long, Jack was happily riding his fat partner’s foot long cock all night long, and getting bigger had never felt so good for them both.

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