Sketch #1: On the Porch with Uncle Mick (15 mins)

A beautiful day, all told. Crisp spring summer, not too hot, but Uncle Mick, naked in the semi shade on the bench there, the sun creeping closer to him as the hours pass, sliding a bit closer towards me each time. Doesn’t want to burn his skin, he says, between spitting black tobacco juice on the stained wood.

I say bullshit.

Not out loud, I let him think he’s playing coy. Pa’s gone, off to town for a little while. Just us two here now. Uncle Mick is always lounging around naked–it doesn’t faze me anymore. Though I gotta say, that huge nut sack of his is quite the sight, along with the rest of him. My cock’s hardening in my jeans, and the head slips out a strategic rip on the upper thigh. I pick through the foreskin, slide it back and forth a couple times, milking a strand of precum onto the denim. Uncle Mick watches me.

I’m smoking. I’m not supposed to be smoking, but ever since Pa caught me trying them out a few years ago he’ll let me have them if I’m a real good boy. I was a good boy today, so he said I could smoke as many as I’d like while he’s gone. Uncle Mick was good too–but not as good as I was. The fat fuck licks his lips, black slobber, he wants it bad. He always wants it bad though.

Getting warmer–I unbutton my shirt, let my young, taut get out. Uncle Mick, he’s all soft–no form. You could probably mold him like play dough if you stuck him in the freezer long enough to get it a bit stiffer. My cock was already hard, but it’s kept growing out the hole in my jeans. I don’t think much of it. It’s sticking three inches out now, jutting out to the side. It hurts–I let it out the fly. I lean back, letting my cock speak for me, all nine inches of it. Black spit dribbles out of the corner of Uncle Mick’s ajar mouth. Yeah, he wants it worse than usual.

“What are you staring at, Unc?” I ask.

“I think you should take it all off, nephew. Take it all off and sit on my knee.”

I do as he says, stripping out of my jeans and sliding off my shirt. I walk over and sit down on his knee, lean in and lick the spit off his double chins, giving him a soft bite as I do. He shivers. Is he hard? It’s not easy to tell, between how short he is right now and how huge his gut is. One hand rests at the small of my back, the other explores my chest and gut. He pulls and tugs at my nipples, and they grow as he works them–they end up almost an inch long, and the thickness of a sharpie. He bites them. I leak everywhere, my cum dribbles into the same puddles as his tobacco spit on the deck.

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