This was definitely shaping up to be the best Spring Break ever, Nate thought to himself as the twins flanked him on the balcony, leaning in, licking and kissing, their hands exploring his tight, gym toned body where everyone could see them, but he didn’t care. He was drunk. He was hot. He was horny. And how often did two twins start hitting on you in a bar, telling you how much they want you to be their afternoon plaything.

“What do you think bro? Who do you want to play with today?”

Nate’s brow furrowed–they were playing with him, right?

“I’m thinking, a bottom.”

“Oooh, yeah, we had that powertop this morning, and my ass is still sore. But I’d like some humiliation, I’d like to let off some steam, having someone beg for my cock.”

“Mmm…like an old daddy, eh? Desperate for our young cocks?”

“Yeah, I love that, tattooed all over, two inch cock, desperate for pain, wanting us to degrade and abuse him…”

“What the fuck are you two talking about?” Nate said, pushing his way out from between them, “I…I mean…I mean, please…” he said, getting down on his knees on the balcony, “Please, would you two hot studs fuck this old faggot? Please, I need your young cocks so bad, I’m desperate. Do whatever you want with me, I’m fucking worthless, please…”

One of the twins pulled his nine inch cock from within his jeans and slapped it across Nate’s face, and then rammed the entire shaft in deep, making Nate gag, his white mustache rubbing against the twin’s trimmed bush, both of his young hands on Nate’s smooth, tattooed scalp, and he rubbed his tiny cock through the front of his grimy jeans, before the twins shoved him inside and really got down to business.

They abandoned him after a few hours, bored again, and Nate just stared at himself in the mirror of the hotel room. They’d told him to get out before they came back, or he wouldn’t like what they’d do to him next. Still, that was ok–he was just a worthless faggot after all…right? He could…he could almost remember something else, but it was so hard to remember what had happened. He felt so empty–he needed some abuse. He left the hotel room and headed for the scummiest gay bar he could find, trolling for anyone to kick his ass, and by the end of break, he ended up enslaving himself to a rough leather fist master, and he got all the abuse he could have wanted.

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