When had you noticed him there–where had you first seen him? Now, it seemed like he had been everywhere. In front of you, buying a drink at the bar, then turning around and buying yours as well, his hand sliding around, from your stomach to your side as he walked off. Or was it on the dance floor, as he ground himself up against you suddenly–fuck, his body was so hot, and you could got that scent of cigar smoke and sweat in your nose, or was that wrong? Was it all wrong? It felt like he’d been everywhere, all around you, all night long, and he wanted you, but not in the way you wanted him, you realized soon enough.

It was after that first dance with him, or near him, or with someone like him. You’d gone to the bathroom for a piss, and your body was…different. More muscular, your gut diminished, your jaw squarer, older, more mature. Each encounter, each touch, each breath, each glance, that shock that desire, it was molding you, and everywhere you turned, he was there, always there, those eyes, that dark skin, that bristly beard, that cigar.

You’ve stumbled out of the bar now. It is mid morning, somehow–how could the party have gone on for so long? You’re desperate to get away from him, but you can’t get away from him, can you? Everyone you see on the street reminds you of him now, could be him, but they aren’t. You can’t stop thinking about him, can’t stop wanting him, needing him–

“Looking for someone?” a voice says behind you, and you whirl around, unsteady with all of your bulk. Six foot three, two hundred and seventy pounds of nearly pure muscle, hairless, head shaved, a tattoo you can’t seem to remember getting covering your left shoulder and arm, and he’s there, behind you leaning against the wall, no shirt, smoking, and all you want to do is be close to him and…and worship him. What did he do to you? Why are you so happy?

You fall to your knees in front of him and lean your face into his bulging crotch, feeling the heavy chain and lock materialize around your neck. He rubs the top of your head with one rough palm. How good it is to worship, you realize. How happy you are to find yourself on your knees before a god.

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