I was his big brother! What, was I supposed to say no? I’d been collecting second hand weight room equipment for a while, and I was getting pretty big, and my brother wanted to lift weights with me. It seemed easy enough, except he was better at it than me. Fuck, what the hell–I was supposed to be the big brother here, and before I know it, he’s posting selfies to every fuckin’ girl in school, flexing in the mirror in his fucking waders. Look, it would have been ok I think if he’d just left it at that, but then he fucked Amanda, and I mean, we’d been off ‘n on forever! No brother fucks his brother’s girl, and then brags about it. So yeah, I wasn’t happy.

So yeah, it wasn’t nice, still, the spell fucking worked, didn’t it? Guy can’t pry himself away from the fridge long enough to work out…or do anything much at all. Should have seen him beg me those first few days, listen to him tell me he’d make it all better, he’d never do anything like that again, and I, well, I had a change of heart, I admit it. Unfortunately, the gypsy who’d put the spell on him had a definite no refund policy, and when I got in her face, she fucking cursed me too.

She made me his fucking feeder! I can’t stop cookin’ all day long for him, watching him eat. That gut he’s growing is so damn sexy though, fuck, I love climbing up on his lap, grinding my cock into his belly button while he eats, and of course, whenever he finishes a meal I give him a blow job or fuck his fat, piggy ass to keep him happy. Everything was good too, until I finally let slip what I’d done.

To say that he was pissed, well, that was a fuckin’ understatement, and before I could stop him, he’d gotten into my truck and driven off to meet with the gypsy himself. Man, I don’t know what the hell she did, but as soon as he got back, I looked at him in a whole new way. I mean, he’d always been sexy, but now he was like a fucking god. He walked in the room, and I fell to my knees in front of him, face buried in his gut, begging him to make me his slave.

Thankfully he said yes–I don’t know what he would have done otherwise. So everything worked out well in the end, right? I get to worship and wait on my obese brother all day long, feeding that huge belly of his, and he gets to fuck both my holes whenever he wants. He’s my little brother right? What else would a guy have done?

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