It wasn’t easy for Jed, being gay over fifty miles away from a major city. Out in the sticks, well, things still weren’t quite as a forward thinking as he might have liked, but he did his best to act straight country, and he did like the look, especially cowboy hats which he wore almost all of the time, and he definitely liked country boys.

Well, country men, at least.

Yeah, he had a thing for trailer trash, and his small town had plenty of it, and a big Walmart–perfect for cruising some of his favorite guys. Sammy McKline, in particular, was one of his favorites. In his late forties, his hair and beard years uncut with a big full gut, and lips full of chaw, he was straight out of one of Jed’s fantasies. He was easy to catch too, because he did all of his grocery shopping on Tuesday nights, letting Jed show up and nonchalantly follow him around the aisles, but Jed had noticed something recently. Ever since a couple of weeks ago, when he was certain he’d been spotted, Sammy had started dressing…kind of strangely, and this week was crazy, walking around in a camo jacket, open without a shirt, just letting his big gut hang out for Jed to ogle. It was like…he wanted him to look.

Maybe he did want him to look.

Hell, maybe he wanted Jed to do more than look.

The butterflies in Jed’s gut weren’t going to subside anytime soon, and Sammy chuckled, watching the kid sweat. He could remember some of his first fantasies too, but well, the kid wasn’t his type. Way too young for one thing, and from the lack of a bulge, way too small for Sammy’s tastes, but watching the kid sweat, biting his lower lip and openly lust for his big gut was kind of flattering.

Jed was still following Sammy around the aisles, not watching where he was going, when he bumped into some other guy hard enough to send them both to the ground.

“Oh geez mister, Sorry ‘bout that, I wasn’t watchin’ where I was goin’,”

“Heh, don’t worry about it,” the older man said, and plopped Jed’s cowboy hat back on his head, “Though I think you might have dropped this. Have a good night, Jed.”

“Wait, how did you know my name?” Jed asked, but the man was already hurrying off, and he felt a strange tingle from the hat work it’s way down into him, and he felt like he was going to be sick. He dashed into one of the changing rooms, and Sammy laughed. Boy couldn’t take it anymore, and probably had to have a wank. Maybe next week he’d come in one of his jocks and leave his fly open, see how he liked that. Sammy finished up his shopping and after a long wait in the checkout line, he paid for his food and wheeled his cart out to the car, where he stopped dead in his tracks.

Leaning up against the side of his truck was the hottest fucking cowboy he’d ever seen, shirt and pantless, wearing only a jockstrap packed full of what Sammy imagined might be one of the biggest cocks he’d ever seen. The cowboy took a drag off the cigar he was smoking and grinned at Sammy. “Been watching you all night, big boy–how about you and I take a ride back to your place? It’s chilly out here.”

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