Jay and Tim were big guys, and they weren’t afraid to show it off, at the beach or anywhere else. Part of the reason they weren’t concerned, was because if anybody made fun of them…well, there were usually consequences. Ever since they’d ended up on the strange side of a curse back in college, anytime someone insulted them, well, the words tended to rebound back on the insulter in the worst way possible.

They were lounging on the beach, enjoying each other’s large company with a hand on each other’s guts, when they heard a high pitched whistle followed by a loud “Soooey!” Jay looked over and saw a group of jocks laughing their ass off, and the middle one, a big burly guy with a good amount of stubble, shouted “Sooooey!” again, and “Hey piggy piggy!”

“I’d be quiet and apologize if I were you,” Jay shouted at him across the beach.

“Jay, you’re such an asshole,” Tim muttered.

“Oh yeah? Or what, you’ll cry like a big baby?” the jock shouted and laughed, but Jay just smirked as the jock’s swimsuit shimmered and turned into a thick padded diaper, and the jock’s friends stopped laughing and just stared, until he noticed and shouted a loud, “What the fuck!”

“Told you…” Jay said, chuckling, and watched the jock stomp over to them across the beach, but he froze on the way over, probably because he realized he was pissing or shitting his diapers–or both.

A bit more anxious now, he hurried over to where Jay was laying and said, “What the fuck *grunt* did you do?”

Jay was looking at the jock as he walked, or rather, began waddling over, his form filling in with fat. “I did warn you,” he said, “Though I gotta say, you look damn fine with a couple extra hundred pounds.”

The jock, or the guy who was a jock, looked down at himself and nearly had a heart attack when he say how fat he was.

“Jay, come on, give the guy a break,” Tim said, “He’s just an idiot kid.”

“Alright–here’s the deal piggy,” Jay said, “You have to do everything I say for the next twenty four hours, and you’ll get your body back. And you’d better be nice, or else I might not change you back at all.”

“Shut the *snort* up you stupid faggot! Now tell me…tell me what ya did to me, *grunt* why my head feel so *oink” funny…”

“I think I’m going to take my little piggy up to the hotel room for a little while,” Jay said, and Tim sighed.

“Just clean up after him–I don’t want a bit mess when I get up there in a few hours.”

“Yes dear,” Jay said, rolling his eyes, and twiddling the pig jock’s fat nipple, “Come on piglet, I got just the hood for you to wear for the next day.”

“*grunt* You’re…fuckin’ hot…” the jock said and then stumbled off after the chub for a day of fun he’d never forget.

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