It was the day after Christmas, and Santa was exhausted. He’d already been up for close to seventy-two hours, and he’d come home to discover that Mrs. Claus had packed up her stuff and moved to Miami, where she was probably fucking some beach bunny’s brains out right this very moment, and he was stuck in this perpetual snowy night. She’d been acting strange over the last few months though–and just up and leaving on Christmas? He’d have to fly down there and try talking some sense into her. He poured himself a (sixth? seventh?) tumbler of whisky and knocked it back, rubbing his cock through his jockstrap.

He was horny, of all things to be, and he rummaged around for his secret stash of Maxim, but in it’s place was something else. A stack of magazines with names like “Leather Elf”, “Sexy Santas”, and “Nicely Naughty Men.”

“What the fuck is all this?” he grumbled? Flipping through the pages of a “Leather Elf,” looking at the muscular midgets posing their muscled, chubby and lithe bodies, some of them tied down, some of them hooded, some of them with the biggest fucking cocks…dribbling cum.

He grabbed his cock, checking to make sure he was as hard as he’d thought he was. What the hell? He’d never been turned on by this sort of stuff before, but one or two naughty wanks wouldn’t hurt. Besides, no one would ever know…right? Just to be sure, he walked over and locked the door to his study before jacking off to the magazine’s pictures, drinking more and more whisky as he came over and over again, moaning too loud to hear the elfin snickers from the keyhole.

“He’s actually fuckin’ reading it Marty! What was in that whisky?”

“The same shit that sent that prudish ‘Miss. Claus’ down to Miami for some thick cuban cock,” the other one said around a cigar, reaching down and fingering his fellow elf’s asshole, feeling him shiver.

“Let’s give him a month or two to get adjusted though, before we move onto the next step. Still, I have a feeling 2013 is going to have a very naughty Santa visiting everyone’s homes,” he said with a chuckle.

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