“Well, I’ve always been a believer that size matters,” the shop owner said, “I like a long cigar–thick ring–I’ve always felt they were the most satisfying. Still, I know it’s a matter of taste. These are going to be too small for a guy like you though, I promise.”

“I’d still like to try one, if you don’t mind,” Jed said, a bit annoyed at being sold up, but the owner just cut the short cigar Jed had selected and lit it. Jed took a couple of puffs before he let out a yelp, the cigar dropping to the floor from his mouth, and both of his hands went around to his ass. “What the fuck?”

“Sure, it seems big when it goes in, but here, let me show you,” the shop owner said, quickly undoing Jed’s belt and dropping his pants and underwear, before reaching around and sliding the four inch, slender buttplug out of Jed’s ass, “See? Way too small.”

“What the fuck was that thing doing in my ass?” Jed said, but the owner had already picked up the smoldering cigar from the carpet and put it out, before retrieving a foot long cigar, as thick as a beer can from behind the counter, “Now, this will definitely fit you better.”

Jed tried to fight him off, but the owner shoved the cigar in his mouth and lit it, and as soon as he inhaled, he nearly screamed through the cigar. Something massive had materialized in his ass, and the owner peeker around him and chuckled, “Well well, I guess you’re into baseball, eh?”

The man bent Jed over the counter and started working the metal bat in and out of Jed’s wrecked hole, and while he protested for a while, after his first orgasm, Jed started enjoying it–even relishing it–especially after the owner took out the bat and replaced it with his fist, driving it deep into his now starving hole. When the owner finally let him stand upright again–Jed’s suit was gone, replaced by a leather harness and vest, the words “FIST ME” tattooed across his lower back, with a huge ring hanging from the septum resting on the massive cigar he hadn’t finished smoking yet. Jed, unable to stand the empty ass, grabbed the scummy bat from the ground and worked it back up into his hole with a groan.

“I think I’m gonna need a few dozen of these ones, I think,” he said around the cigar, “Size really does matter.”

“See? ” the owner said, “I told you,” and rang up the sale.

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