Adam didn’t know why he kept his membership here–this gym was a freakshow. Filled with faggots for one thing, most of them so roided up they could barely think straight. They, in turn, attracted the lechers, the fat old men who would pretend to work out on machines, and just ogle the muscle men throughout the room–it was disgusting. He was always careful to wear his cross–that seemed to discourage most of them from looking at him, at least. He’d gotten his fit body from the army, and liked to maintain it after he retired, but this was getting ridiculous.

It was late one night, after his workout, that Adam chanced a shower, since the room was empty. When he stepped out, however, he discovered that he wasn’t quite as alone as he’d thought. A towering man was waiting for him next to his locker, wearing just a jockstrap, muscled beyond belief–but he didn’t look like the other muscleheads in the gym. His eyes were intelligent–cruel even, and Adam clutched his cross, though he wasn’t entirely sure why.

Ah, Adam–I’ve been meaning to have a chat with you, but that silly bauble of yours has been such a bother–it’s been keeping you from seeing me for weeks now. Patrick was nice enough to defile it for me, at least.”

“What?” Adam said, stepping back, “Who–who are you?”

“I’m the owner of this club–and a demon. Tell me Adam, looking at me, what do you see?”

Adam wasn’t sure what to say, “You’re…you’re huge, I mean, more muscular than anyone else here.”

“Muscular? Really?” the demon laughed, “I wasn’t expecting that from you–looks like you’re more of a looker than a poser.”


The demon started posing, his cock tenting and stretching his jockstrap tight, “What you see, is who you are, Adam. Am I a lecherous old voyeur? Then you’re an exhibitionist muscle god–but if I’m the muscle god, then that must mean you’re the lecher. So go on Adam, have a good long look–enjoy yourself.”

Adam tried to look away–but he couldn’t. His own cock was rock hard now, and he started stroking it as he watched the demon dance for him, tease him, flex for him. Everything that Adam could want in a man–everything that he wasn’t soon enough. His hair receding back and turning white, fat burying his muscles as the hours wore on, his cock red hot and erect the entire time, the demon ripping the cross off Adam’s neck as he came, the cross one of his muscle pigs had cum on in the locker room the day before.

Adam was there at the gym every day afterwards, ogling the muscle men, begging them to let him suck their cocks or fuck his loose asshole.

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