Just keep in mind that everything is bigger in Texas.

Terry looked at the note he’d found with the package he’d dragged in off the doorstep, and set it off to the side, before opening the box and finding a pair of black leather cowboy boots and a black Stetson cowboy hat, as well as a second wrapped package below them, with a note that simple said:

For later.

It was a rather big package too, about a foot long and cylindrical, but he set it aside, and pondered over the boots and the hat. He certainly hadn’t ordered anything like this from anywhere, so why in the world had they ended up on his doorstep? He pulled them out of the box and was struck by something else–they were big–way bigger than anything he could wear. Checking the boots, he saw that they were size nineteen, and out of curiosity he put the hat on his head, and it sat all the way down, nearly covering his eyes, and he had about an inch of room on both sides of his head.

“Aww damn, who ‘n the hell sent me this shit? Ah can’t wear nothin’ this big…” Terry said, and then clasped his hand over his mouth. Where in the hell had that drawl come from? “Wh–Why ‘n tarnation am Ah talkin’ like this, I ain’t even been tah the South…”

He looked down at the boots again, but realized they weren’t just any boots–they were his boots. There was no reasonable way they could be, but he recognized them, and almost like he was sleepwalking, he slipped off his sneakers and slid the boots onto his feet, feeling all of the space down in there, and how wrong it was. “Damn, Ah always thought these fit better ‘n this…” he muttered, but as he did, he felt a strange heat in his feet, and let out a cry as they swelled up, filling the cowboy boots to capacity, and he tumbled back onto the couch, unable to balance, and felt the heat sweeping up through the rest of his body.

His legs pulsed and expanded with muscle, his bones burning as they lengthened, growing longer and heavier, his hips shifting, giving him a naturally wide, slightly bow-legged stance, his shorts splitting at the seams and falling away from his hairy legs, his underwear barely hanging on, even as his cock throbbed and expanded, growing to nearly a foot in length, and as big around as a beer can. “Awww fuck yeah,” Terry drawled, and hauled out his cock, stroking it as the heat raced up his body, his chest and gut packing on muscle and fat as his spine lengthened, making him even taller, and then down his arms, packing on huge biceps and thick forearms, even his head expanding until he had to reach up and readjust his hat, which now perched perfectly on his skull, but now he was so turned on, he couldn’t stop jacking off, but something was missing–something important.

He pushed himself up off the couch, now seven feet tall and close to four hundred pounds of muscle and fat, the entire room out of perspective. He tromped over to the now small package and pulled out the final item, ripping away the wrapping and pulling out a cigar which would have been massive to anyone else, but in his hands it was merely normal. It lit itself as he held it, and he took a deep draw off it, jacking his cock as he smoked shooting a huge load all over the box, and chuckled.

“Everythin’s bigger ‘n Texas, eh? Guess they weren’t kiddin’.”

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