“What, just because I’m young and can’t grow a beard, I’m not allowed in the bar?” Louie said, when the bear grabbed his coat and told him he wasn’t welcome.

“Fuck no–we don’t need any fuckin’ pussyboys like you around here, unless you want to wrap your mouth around my cock and suck me clean, bitch,” Bill said

Louie rolled his eyes. He could smell the booze on the guy, he’d obviously had one too many. Should he go light on him? Nah, probably not. “What, so rough, big guys like you can’t be raging bottoms, eh? Well, let’s see how good that works out for you tomorrow morning. Now get out of here, go home, and go to sleep.”

Unsure of what had just happened, and only barely able to detect the magic wrapping its way around him, the bear let go of Louie’s coat, turned around and left the bar, returning home and climbing into his bed, where he fell asleep almost instantly.

Bill woke up the next morning to quite a surprise–he was huge. He jumped out of his bed, discovering he’d grown to a few inches over six feet, and packed on pounds of muscle–his gut having disappeared overnight, and he flexed in the mirror, admiring his new, hot look. Funny, he couldn’t remember what had happened at all, and by the time he’d jacked off a couple of times, he’d managed to forget that things had ever been different, aside from a distant memory.

Still, he needed to get to work, so he threw on a suit and left his apartment, where he saw a young, chubby twerp coming towards him down the hall, and he fell to his knees in front of him, and said, “Please sir, please fuck my muscle butt sir, I need a cock in my hole so bad sir, I’m such a nasty bottom bitch, please!”

The chub, who was straight, was more than happy to switch teams for a few minutes, to force him back into his apartment and rape his ass, humiliating and degrading him the whole time, before filling his hole with cum, and leaving without ceremony. Bill never did get to work that day–he sucked off another chubby guy in the elevator, and then ended up getting gangbanged by a posse of nerds in the back of a comic book shop. Forced to turn into a submissive bottom for everyone who he saw as weaker than him, Bill was going to have a long life of service ahead of him.

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