Jack looked at the package he’d received in the mail, puzzled. He’d gotten hired on as a prison guard the week before, and his first shift was tonight, but he’d been expecting a uniform in the mail, but when he’d opened the box, the only thing that he’d found inside was a pair of leather boots with some black, uniform socks. Where was his shirt and pants? Figuring it was just a mistake, he tried to call the prison and ask, but his manager wasn’t on duty, and so he figured he might as well wear his normal clothes and the boots–they could probably find a spare for him when he went in to start his shift.

He pulled on the socks and boots, and realized that they were also massively oversized for his feet. He usually wore a ten and a half, but when he checked the tongue of the shoe, the boots were marked as seventeen. They were almost comical on him, when he stood up and tried to walk around, they threatened to slip off. However, after tromping around for a few seconds, he went to try and pull them off, and discovered something strange. His feet had started tingling, and by the time he’d sat down again, the boots fit him just fine.

It fact, they fit too well, and he couldn’t even get the boot off of his foot. Had they shrunk? No–when he looked at them again, he realized that, somehow, his feet had grown, and were still tingling–and the tingle was spreading up his legs and all over his body now, accompanied by a strange heat deep within his body, and a sudden sexual arousal greater than anything he’d ever experienced, so strong that he just slumped back against the couch, feeling his muscles start to pulse and expand as he pawed open the crotch of his jeans and hauled out his cock, the shaft expanding and throbbing along with the rest of him, and he stroked the nine inch shaft, shivering.

The fantasy came unbidden. He was in the jail, and the prisoner in front of him, naked aside from his boots, and Jack was facing him, his chest out, and he could smell the musk rolling off him in the hot prison, and the prisoner could smell it too, could sense his authority, and he reached out, feeling his massive pec in awe of him. He ran his baton down the prisoner’s body, using it to lift up his cock and inspect him, and the man shivered, and fell to his knees, licking his lips in front of Jack’s huge tool. “P–Please sir…” he said, his mouth dry.

“Go on then fucker, suck me dry,” Jack heard himself say, gruff and dismissive, and on the couch, as he imagined the prisoner giving him head, he felt his clothes stretch against his body, hardening into a leather uniform like the one from his fantasy, and as he thought about face fucking the prison bitch, he came, his orgasm sprouting hair all over his body, finishing with a full beard as the hair on his head disappeared, leaving a shiny dome. His old life behind him now, Jack stood up and shoved his huge cock down one leg of his pants, and left his apartment, never to return, a prison guard for life.

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