Louie was a total slacker on campus. Thanks to a rich grandmother who’d died and left him mountains of cash, he’d been able to put off graduating college–and growing up–for two years now, and he was about to start his seventh year at school, when the IRS caught up with him, and made that mountain into something much smaller. Faced with the fact that he might have to actually get a job, Louie opted for the easiest thing to could find which would pay wads of cash, while still letting him do whatever he wanted–being the guinea pig medical and psychological experiments done by the faculty on campus.

However, this newest study was a bit strange. One of the psychology professors was doing an experiment on the effects of isolation as a form of torture, and was being pretty secretive about it. He was even offering to pay Louie under the table, because he didn’t want the department to know about it, and made Louie sign a mountain of forms before taking him on, and together, they drove to a large warehouse, where as soon as Louie was in the building, the professor pressed a cloth soaked in chloroform over his mouth, sending the big student crashing to the ground.

When Louie woke up, he discovered that his hair had been shaven from his head, he was gagged and mitted, and chains attached to the leather mask on his face kept him on his tiptoes. After he’d struggled for a few minutes, growing increasingly agitated, a voice came on right next to his ear.

“Well Louie, how do you like your new accommodations? You’d best get used to them, because you’re going to be living here for a whole year.”

Louie struggled–he thought he’d agreed to a week, and classes would start in two weeks, and–

“Now, I may have lied about all those papers I had you sign. One of them was actually a declaration for a year long leave of absence, and another signed over the remainder of your wealth to me–I don’t think you’ll be needing it as my slave. So, shall we get started?”

The professor entered the room, now clothed in leather, and first saran wrapped Louie’s arms and legs together into a tight cocoon, and then covered his entire body, aside from his nose, in duct tape, sealing him away from the world. Then, he felt something around his groin–the professor cut the binding away from his cock, and began to stroke it, teasing him, edging him for several hours while loud, disorienting white noise blared in the headphones taped into his ears, wearing down his will until he was screaming, begging for the man to stop through the mask, but he never did–it just kept going, and going, and going, and going…

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