It isn’t an easy job, trust me–we get some very troubled kids who come to our camp. Sometimes they’re sponsored because they’ve been expelled from their schools, other kids have gotten into trouble with the law or ran away from home, but we have a very high success rate for turning what many see as hopeless delinquents into productive young men ready to be reintroduced to society. My methods, I admit, can seem extreme, but they do work–the extensive hypnosis, the meditation sessions, the affirmation group therapy seems like a bunch of hogwash, but my methods work, and seeing it work is its own reward, well, that and the occasional prize I keep for myself.

This summer, it was Brad. Brad came to us from a severely broken home, and he was falling very far behind in school, generally slipping through the cracks from year to year, occasionally getting held back. At the age of nineteen, he was still a sophomore in high school, and this camp was widely regarded as his last chance. When I had my first counseling session with him, he barely trusted me, but some induced hypnosis cleared that up relatively quickly, and I realized we had a much more difficult case on our hands than I’d thought. A history of abuse from his father, and severe dyslexia had left Brad essentially illiterate–no wonder he was struggling. But he was so sweet, really, and wanted a daddy to love him so badly, how could I resist?

It started slowly, convincing him to start wetting his sleeping bag, and the camp began requiring him to wear diapers at night, something he found himself not protesting at all. After a few more subtle accidents during the day, I had him wearing them all the time, and before too long he didn’t even want to take them off–he couldn’t take them off actually, only a certified daddy like me could change his dirty diapers for him. Wearing a diaper helped him feel safe and confident, and reminded him of his daddy, of how good it felt to be wrapped up in daddy’s arms, with daddy’s cock up his ass. He was like putty in my hands, and so, since he was nineteen, he came home with me at the end of summer, instead of to the foster care system.

Well, the good news is that Brad has made a complete turn around. He’s all set to graduate this year, and has already caught up with this year’s seniors with my tutoring and hypnosis. Of course, he’ll be coming to study at the local college where I teach, and working as a counselor with me at the camp during the summer. Having a little boy around is so hot, I think we’ll try to find him a brother this summer as well.

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