What can I do to get you to do more pup stories? What interests you about the subject/topic? What do you enjoy about writing ? I’ll just tell you I /really/ like ’em.

I actually have a really simple system you can use to get me to write anything you want.

If that doesn’t work, you can always try this too.

To be honest, the reason pup play, doesn’t come up a lot (and this is something I’ve just begun to figure out about my stories) is that I tend to be a writer who focuses on transformations over mind control. Pup play might seem to be a fetish which balances the two, but it really is more of a mind control topic, because even if someone TF’s to be pup like, most of the action still takes place internally.

That said, I do enjoy writing pup play. It’s a fun sort of mental regression, and I get the same sort of fun out of it that I get out of my occasional age regression story. As odd as that sounds, the two fetishes share a lot in common for me: a loss of responsibility for one’s life which is turned over to a master/daddy, a loss of cognitive ability and hand/eye coordination, loss of adult speech in exchange for a simpler communication style, etc. But this also gets to the heart of another reason these two genres scare me–because doing this to a person can lead to some really crazy and disturbing stories (“Into the Night of God” crazy, obviously). And while these pieces are often good, they are also disturbing as fuck to write, and so it always gets a certain “once bitten, twice shy” feeling to it.

Still, if ever there’s something you want me to write, those two links at the top are the best chance you have, beyond a hope and a prayer.

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