The Loser Part One

“What the fuck is this?”

Wilton looked at the email that had just popped up in his work inbox, with a subject in all caps: NEW GAME. He had no clue who had sent it to him, and assumed it was just spam, but he opened it out of curiosity, and read the message:

Welcome to the game! You have been invited to participate by ***REDACTED***.

The rules:

1) Do what we tell you to do, and you get a prize–we don’t change you at all!

2) Don’t do what we tell you to do, and you get punished!

Here’s your first task: masturbate in your office, and eat your load of cum out of your hand, in the next 20 minutes.

Wilton read it again, thoroughly disgusted, and looked around the office, wondering who could have sent this piece of filth to him as a prank. Sure, he wasn’t the nicest supervisor, but he didn’t think anyone would have the balls to send him something like this. He saved the message, figuring he could ask IT to maybe track the email and went back to work, only to get a second email 20 minutes later, with the subject: YOU LOSE. Rolling his eyes, he opened it and read:

You didn’t do what we asked you to do Wilton–enjoy your new beard–you can never shave it off.

Your next task is to take your lunch break, and consume at least 2000 calories in the next hour. Enjoy your meal!

Now this was getting out of hand, Wilton thought, and scratched his cheek, only to feel a massive amount of hair growing in across his face–an inch long full beard growing in over a matter of moments, and he realized the game was for real, and he grabbed his coat and rushed out of the office for lunch before anyone could see his new face.

To Be Continued…

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