Leon wanted to be big. Ever since he was young, he’d wanted to work out, and when he was a teenager, all he asked for for Christmas and birthdays was weight–lots and lots of weight. He converted the shed into a workout room, and would spend hours out there, doing all he could to become as big as he had always wanted to be, but he just couldn’t get to where he wanted. And so, after graduating from high school, he decided to turn to the internet.

He found his way through forums, looking at the various drug cocktails guys promised would do the trick, but the honest truth was that he didn’t want to get big that way–he wanted to get big by himself. However, he befriended someone on a forum who recommended a research group working on a way to build mass. He’d participated in one of the last studies, and promised Leon that it was everything he’d been looking for–he’d be more massive than he’d thought possible.

At the laboratory, he didn’t understand why they needed to restrain him. And when they’d put the mask over his nose and mouth, he fought them for the few seconds of consciousness he had before he blacked out entirely. The next thing he knew, he was back in the hotel room he’d been staying in while the research study was going on–and when he saw himself in the mirror, he let out a squeal of joy. He was big! He was so damn big, just like he’d always wanted to be!

He jiggled his massive apron and admired his triple chin. He cupped his moobs and tweaked his nipples and let out a soft moan. He admired his huge, wide ass, and shivered as his cock hardened up through his gunt. Gunt–he had gunt. He’d always wanted gunt, for as long as he could remember. The rest of the night he spent jacking off on the bed, reveling in his flabby body, becoming familiar with it in every way, and then he got the call from the clinic. He’d been so receptive to the treatment, they wanted to know if he’d be willing to sign up for another dose. He said yes–after all, he was big. But what if he could get even bigger?

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