On the Inside – Part 1

It was hopeless. That’s what I’d been told my whole life, really. My daddy was a coal miner, his daddy had been a coal miner, his daddy had been a coal miner, ad infinitum. Heh, ad infinitum, I bet you didn’t expect me to know that one–no one does. That’s the problem, that’s always been my problem. On paper, I’m a great student. Straight A’s, I even managed to get a few courses from the local community college in my small town, but getting into a nice college? Studying? Improving myself? It seemed hopeless, because when I open my mouth, I’m just another stupid hillbilly redneck, or at least I sound like one.

I’d tried to mask it all my life, I’d tried so hard, but I just couldn’t break it. Finally, nearly defeated, I went to my counselor at my high school as I was getting ready to apply for schools, and told him about my problem. What was I supposed to do, when I had an interview with an admissions director, and I sounded like an extra from “Deliverance”?

He tried to tell me that it would be alright, that a smart person would be able to separate out the accent from the person I really was–that the superficial stuff wouldn’t matter in the end, but I didn’t believe him. Still, he did have a suggestion for me, which I wheedled out of him–the name of a speech therapist who was a friend of his. He told me that he’d had success with softening accents before, and I was willing to try anything.

I didn’t tell my parents where I was going. Amazingly, the doctor had agreed to see me for a consultation without a payment, which was good, because we didn’t even have insurance. In the office, he told me that he’d found that quite a few patients had had lots of success with hypnosis to help correct their accents, and I was willing to try anything once. He put me under…and I don’t remember what happened, but when he woke me up, I still remember what I said, it was beautiful:

“Please sir, please can I suck your cock Sir? I’m just a cum hungry pig sir, please, I’m so thirsty.”

It came out perfectly, not a hint of accent, and when he unzipped his fly and let me suck his cock, I was in heaven. I’ve been his patient ever since, and I know I won’t have an issue getting into college now, though Mr. Burroughs wants me to apply to Bellmon University–I’m not sure why though. Still, I need to go see my counselor today–I need to give him another ‘thank you’ blow job today, he loves those almost as much as I do.

To be Continued…

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