Are you unhappy with your weight? Do you wish that your body would match how you want to see yourself? Then the Fat Action Team is for you! We run private seminars in many cities, call us today for locations in your area!

That was the third time Max had seen the flyer on bulletin boards outside the restrooms in the Flying J’s he stopped at on his cross country hauls. Still, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit interested. Max had been driving trucks for quite a few years now, and the simple act of sitting behind the wheel for ten hours a day, and eating greasy food at these truck stops was quickly piling weight on his aging frame, and he didn’t like it one bit. Hell, he’d been a track star back in high school, and had simply assumed that his metabolism would never fail him! And now here he was, over 300 pounds and hating the image in the mirror. So, he ripped off a phone number slip from the bottom and gave it a call, discovering there was a seminar happening in his hometown during his next weekend, and he signed right up.

When he arrived, however, he quickly figured that something strange was going on. For one thing, he knew a lot of the guys there, fellow truckers from the road, but they were all guys who’d grown quite a bit larger over the last few months, and who were all rumored to be complete fags as well. Still, as soon as the seminar started, and the spiral appeared on the wall, Max wasn’t worried one bit any more–Max wasn’t worrying or thinking about anything.

The rest of the weekend was spent in a haze of sex and food. Trips with the Fat Action Team to all you can eat buffets, followed by massive orgies in the hotel bedrooms, all of them videotaped by the Team members, to be sold on their porn site, Still, when Max left the seminar, refreshed and already signed up for another group session in two weeks, he did look at himself differently in the mirror–he was too damn skinny. Still, he devoured food on the road (and fucked quite a few FAT members he ran into at truck stops) and successfully packed on ten pounds before the next seminar. He felt so good about himself after that, and there was nowhere to go from there but bigger, and bigger, and bigger…


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