Into the Night of God – Part 2

Commissioned by Anonymous

Part 2 – The Homecoming

The sun broke past the far side of Bruin’s window, the light slanting into his eye from the low-slung sun, signalling that the chilly winter afternoon was now dusk, and night would arrive soon enough. The knot of anxiety tightened in his gut, and he let out a soft whine. He was going home tonight–that’s what Master had told him. He’d been a good pup, he’d passed all of his obedience tests, and he could walk all on his own on his new legs, and so Master said tonight would be the night. Why then, wasn’t he happier?

The sun pushed it’s way into the window proper and Bruin turned his head away from the glare. Night came so quickly this time of year, it felt like Master had just left a few hours ago, and already he would be coming back soon. It would go behind some trees in a few minutes, and after a little while longer, it would drop past the horizon, and after that, the smoke-smell, and then Master would come and take him home. He should be happier about that–Master had told him to be happy, but then why wasn’t he happy? Maybe because of the dark–he doesn’t like the dark, he doesn’t like what happens when Master comes in the dark. Still, things are better than they were, right? He shook his head side to side, trying to clear the unease, but he caught sight of the sun, and it was the same way the sun had looked when he’d been driving, when he’d crested that hill and the sun had blinded him, and–

–a flash of light over the hill–the setting sun shot into my eyes, and I shielded them with one arm when I should have just slowed down, I should have slowed down, and then there was the thunk, and I slammed into the steering wheel. I hit something, but what did I hit? I can’t remember, I got out of the car, I got out and I ran around to the front. The impact had sent the thing flying ahead of me, there was a smear of blood across the pavement where it had slid to stop several yards away, and it was a person, wasn’t it? I walked over and it was…it was a dog, it was a dog like me, me there, lying there looking up at the truck that hit me? Master was there–he was there and he grabbed the bad man the man who hit me and he was so angry and Master dragged me off and knocked me out and I was dying, I was dying on the road and he left me? Why did he leave me why–

Bruin was trying to grip the sheets with his paws, but he didn’t have paws anymore, but they still hurt. They hurt all the time now, but more when he thought about that stuff, but it was never quite right, he could never piece it all together. There were his memories, and then what his Master had told him, and then what Doctor had said, and none of those things lined up. Which was the right one?

He realized he was huffing and wheezing, but since that awful nurse had stabbed him he couldn’t make much noise, aside from a soft whine and a quiet bark. Still, Master liked having quiet dogs, he didn’t like dogs that drew attention to themselves, and Bruin wanted to be a good dog for Master. The sun finally started moving behind the grove of trees, and Bruin felt most of him relax. His paws still hurt, even though they weren’t there, but now that he was calm, he was able to work through some of the exercises Doctor had given him, how he could imagine opening his paws, and that sometimes helped a bit. He took a few deep breaths, and wished his master could leave his paws on. He liked having them on at nights, he liked practicing with them. It helped him feel more normal, more like how he had been, when he could actually walk, even if he wasn’t very good at it. Still, he could do well enough, and Master said that soon enough he’d be jumping and running around the farm just like he’d used to, before the accident.

Now that his room was darkening though, the fear that memory had put in him wouldn’t quite dissipate. It hung in his quiet throat now, right below the scar, and he started to whine as he watched the sun slowly sink lower and lower behind the trees. He’d never seen Master during the daytime, he realized–he’d only ever come at night. What would it be like to be around him during the day? Could…did he even exist in the day? What if he took Bruin to a place where there was only night? Here, in the bed, people fed him and took care of him and Doctor came sometimes to talk to him, even though Bruin couldn’t say anything back. He’d felt safe with Doctor there, for some reason, he could tell he was a good man. Master was…he was important, he was God but he wasn’t a good man, he was a dangerous man, a wrathful lord, but he should be afraid of Master. That’s what made him a good master after all. If Bruin didn’t fear him, if he wasn’t afraid, then that meant Master couldn’t control him, but thinking about what had happened, what Master had done those first nights–

–Suck it, you fucking bitch, open your mouth and suck it!”

It had been so difficult, but Bruin had made it difficult and painful, if he’d just done what Master had said, if he’d just obeyed from the beginning.

–Go on boy, lick it up–you love how your Master tastes, you crave it. You want to drink as much of it as you can, you love how I smell, how I taste, how I look, everything about me. I am your Master, your Lord, your God. The thought of being away from me makes you anxious, the thought of never seeing me again scares you more than anything else in the world.”

Bruin was whining again, and he couldn’t tell now if the fear was because Master was going to come, or because Master might not come. What if this was just his last night with the Master? What if someone else was coming to take him away? He hadn’t thought about that, and these last thoughts felt like some kind of trespass–a violation of what Master would approve of him thinking–and he tried to bury them back down. He was a good dog–Master told him he was, so that had to be true. He wouldn’t abandon him–he was cruel, sure, but not cruel like that, and Bruin…Bruin didn’t know what would happen if Master and Doctor both left him.

He hadn’t seen Doctor in weeks now–in fact, he was beginning to wonder whether he had ever been real. No one talked about him, no one mentioned him, it was like he didn’t exist. It was all nurses now, and they never spoke to him, and they all smelled like Master, all had that same glazed look in their eyes as they fed and cleaned him, but they never said a word. Doctor had at least tried to talk to him. Doctor had treated him like…like an equal, like a person, like more than the dog he was.

“It’ll be ok Bruin, I promise.”

He missed his voice.

“I’ll protect you, you won’t have to worry about the Night Man, I swear.”

He missed him, but he’d lied. He hadn’t protected him–Master had come every night without fail, and it was Doctor who’d abandoned him, who no longer came, and he always smelled like Master. More than once, he’d wondered if they were actually the same person, if they were just tricking him. He’d thought that at first, because of the smell, but he knew it wasn’t true, but the doubts were always there, and Master didn’t care about protecting him, Master would hurt him, Master would do anything he wanted to him, but he was just the puppy, right? He was just a dog, just an animal, just his Master’s property, just something for his amusement and enjoyment, and that was good. Bruin liked that, he liked making his Master happy, he really did, but still, his Master didn’t love him, not really. Not really at all–in fact, he sometimes thought his Master hated him.

Bruin looked out the window again. The sun was now fully behind the trees, and the room was darkening quickly around him. Soon, he’d be here soon. The realization that he wouldn’t be in this room the next day washed over him, and he felt fearful again. He was helpless, really, without Master–Master could do anything with him, and Bruin wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. He focused on trying to ease some of the pain in his imaginary paws for a few minutes, until he smelled it–Master’s smoke. Less than a minute now. And then the sound of his boots on the tile, and Bruin’s cock was so hard, so excited, and he just watched the doorway until his Master’s silhouette filled it up.

“Evening, Bruin–you ready to get out of here and come home with me, boy?”

Bruin barked softly–his voice could barely raise above a whisper now, but that was enough for his Master to know he was excited. He was, too. At least he wouldn’t be here anymore. At least he wouldn’t be stuck with this endless cycle, the days spent worrying and the nights spent training with Master. It was exhausting. As scared as he was, it was a change, and one he was ready for. His master set down the duffel bag he’d brought along with him and pulled out Bruin’s real paws–four specially designed artificial limbs especially for Bruin. The two front paws were shorter, and Bruin’s forearms slipped into them easily enough. The fiberglass curved down to the point where it terminated in a realistic dog paw, with small enamel claws and everything. His back paws were similar, but much longer, connecting at his disarticulated knee, they curved back, and then forward to paws of their own. It had been months of practice now, every night, but Bruin could finally manage to walk on his own without falling. It still didn’t feel very natural, but Master told him that now that he didn’t have to stay in bed all the time, he’d be getting much more practice, and that he’d be running around the farm like nothing had happened at all, before long.

When all four paws were secured, Master helped Bruin out of the bed and set him down, where he padded around a bit on his paws, getting used to them again. He was still a little unsteady, but he was more confident in them than he had been before, and he did love his paws. They made him feel like a real dog, like all the dogs he could remember seeing, like how he’d been before the accident…right? But…Bruin shook his head, that was too hard to think about, and he realized he hadn’t thanked his Master for his paws today, and he pawed over and nuzzled the crotch of Master’s jeans, knowing what was expected of him.

“In a moment, Bruin–we have to put the rest of your gear on though–we can’t have you going around without your muzzle and tail after all.”

Master pulled both out of his bag, and strapped the muzzle on around Bruin’s face first, and then strapped the rubber tail on above Bruin’s asscrack, where he gave it a wag or two in thanks, and then nuzzled Master’s crotch again.

“Well, someone’s eager tonight,” Master said, and unzipped his jeans, before pulling out his cock, “Well I suppose you can have your bone early. I was going to wait until we got home, but seeing you all geared up–fuck, you’re one sexy pup, you know that?”

Master slipped his cock into the front of Bruin’s muzzle–it was short enough that he could take most of Master’s cock in his mouth even with it on. Of course, it helped his Master had a nine inch cock–and Bruin still preferred sucking on it than having Master fuck him with it. He was too rough, and usually it just hurt. Still, it made Master happy, so he didn’t resist, and besides, he remembered when he had resisted–

Bad dog! Bad dog, you know what happens to bad dogs? Bad dogs get their nuts cut off! Do you want to lose your nuts? Do you?

Bruin shivered at the remembered threat, and focused on sucking Master off like a good dog, like a good pup, like a good slave. He was all those things, after all, and he wanted Master to be happy, that was most important. If Master was happy, he didn’t get punished, and if Bruin wasn’t punished, he could be happy too…mostly. No, more than mostly, he did like his life, with Master, and he was excited to be away from this hospital, away from these people with their blank stares, just…home. He wanted to be home, he’d been going home before the accident, right? But then why had he been in the road? It was so confusing, like two pieces of a puzzle he kept trying to fit together even though their edges didn’t match up at all.

Master grabbed the back of his head and rammed his cock down Bruin’s throat, mashing the leather muzzle against his face as he came, and Bruin swallowed it all down and licked the head clean before Master pulled it out, and then he received a pat on the head, and le licked his Master’s gloved hand, thanking him for allowing Bruin to serve him, and gave his tail a wag without thinking about it. “Well, shall we get going, Bruin? I bet you’re excited to finally be out of here–I know I am. It’s been too long since I had a dog on the farm–besides, I have someone I want you to meet. I think you two will get along great.”

Bruin wasn’t sure what Master meant by all that, but he didn’t care. He saw Master pull out the leash and his heart leapt–he was going, he was really going! Master clipped the leash to the collar Bruin wore, and then they left, Bruin doing his best to avoid slipping on the tile floor with his paws, still, he was doing much better than the first time he’d tried walking in them. It had taken all night just for Master to show him how to balance on all four, and two more nights before he could take a step or two without falling. Oddly enough, everyone they passed seemed to not notice them at all, even though the sight of the two of them walking down the hospital’s hallways would have probably been quite the shock. Master led Bruin down to a side emergency exit which had been propped open, and then they walked to a pickup truck parked around back, the chilly air strange against Bruin’s skin.

“Alright Bruin–we’re gonna have to put you in the kennel for now. I don’t want anyone seeing you, after all, and I wouldn’t want you falling out, right? We can’t have you hurt yourself, and put you back in the hospital again.”

Master grabbed Bruin around the waist and hefted him up onto the tailgate of the truck, and Bruin saw a plastic kennel a bit too small for him tethered to the bed. He didn’t like it, and he started to whine a bit. Something about the tight space, he didn’t want to go in there.

“Now Bruin, don’t make me start punishing you again–you’ve been doing such a good job, boy, and I’d hate for you to backslide. Now get in the kennel.”

Bruin knew that he would end up in the crate on way or the other, either without being punished, or after being punished, and so he took a few tentative steps forward, sniffing the crate as he went in, and as soon as he could, Master closed the grated door, and then the realization that he was trapped shook Bruin to the core. Trapped, he was trapped, there was no way out–

Why can’t I move? Why can’t I move, and he’s there, he’s just watching me, looking at me, can’t he see the truck is on fire? Can’t he see that it’s burning? I didn’t mean to hit the dog, I didn’t, it was an accident, just an accident, please! Please! I can’t speak, if I could just speak, if I could just tell him how sorry I am, I can feel it, it’s almost to me, and I can’t move an inch. What did he do to me? There was that smoke, and now I can’t move a muscle, and it’s on me! I’m on fire, I’m on fire somebody help me, somebody–

“Bruin!” Master shouted, “Get a hold of yourself,” and slapped the dog across the face, bringing him back to the moment. He didn’t know what he’d just seen, but Master looked angry and scared. Bruin shrunk down, embarrassed at having lost control like that, but what he remembered hadn’t made any sense. He’d been in the cab of a truck, and he’d had hands, not paws, and it had been on fire, and he hadn’t been able to move, and Master was there watching him, watching the fire burn him, but why?

Then Master shoved Bruin back into the crate and locked the door again, and Bruin started to panic, but he didn’t have another flashback like before. He just whined and pawed at the grated door, but Master had already climbed into the cab of the truck and started the engine. The drive lasted close to an hour, and the entire time, Bruin did his best to keep calm. The terror would come in waves, usually with a sudden bump, and then he would be trying to force himself out of the kennel until he calmed down enough to breathe and stay put. However, as the drive wore on, and twilight grew even darker, his paws–the ones that hurt but that he couldn’t see–they starting itching, and then heating up until he was certain that the leather and fiberglass paws he now had would burst into flame right before his eyes. It hurt–it hurt more than anything he’d experienced, but he pushed through, keeping as calm as he could, until the truck took a sharp left off the road, and he heard gravel crunch under the tires, meaning that they were home on the farm–or at least that’s what Bruin hoped.

The truck rolled to a stop, and he heard the door to the cab open. He had a moment of terror, when he thought that Master might leave him in the kennel, and that he might freeze to death in the harsh night, but he came around the back and let Bruin out of the cage, and he couldn’t scramble out of it fast enough. “Gonna have to work with you on that, I suppose,” Master said, “Can’t have a dog who hates being crated. Still, we can worry about that later.”

He picked Bruin up and set him down on the gravel, and it took Bruin a few steps to adjust to walking on something that wasn’t hospital tile or carpet. Master didn’t bother lashing him, and Bruin followed him up onto the porch–struggling a bit on the stairs–but Master pushed open the screen, and looking in, Bruin saw Doctor there in the living room, and he couldn’t help but wag his tail and try to bark. Doctor! He missed him–now he knew why he’d gone missing, he must live with Master too…but if he lived with Master, did that mean…could he trust him?

“Bruin!” Doctor shouted, and a silly grin spread across his face as he ran over and wrapped his arms around the big dog, “I missed you so much Bruin, but Master needed me here, working and stuff so I couldn’t come see you. But you’re home now Bruin, isn’t that neat? I missed you tons, though…”

“That’s enough, faggot,” Master said, and shoved Doctor away, “Why don’t you do something useful, and give Bruin here something to fuck? I bet our new dog is horny, right boy?”

“Yes sir!” Doctor said, and got down on his elbows and knees, ass up, and Master walked over and pulled out the big plug from his ass.

“Well Bruin, make sure you give it a sniff and a lick first, like a good boy, and then I want to see you fuck the bitch like a good boy.”

Bruin wasn’t too sure about this, really, but his cock was hard, and he had always…sort of liked the Doctor. Still, it felt wrong for some reason–but an order was an order. He padded over and sniffed at Doctor’s hole, before giving the crack a few licks through the muzzle, and then he mounted him–with a bit of help from his Master–and he had to admit, it felt good. It felt good topping the bitch, it felt good asserting his dominance, and listening to the bitch moan like a whore beneath him, begging him to fuck harder. Bruin didn’t last very long–and he unloaded his cum into the bitch’s pussy where it belonged, and then his Master shoved him off and took his place, ramming his own cock in a moment later, making the whore moan louder.

“Bruin,” Master said, “Get over here, and I want you licking my shaft as I fuck this cunt.”

It took a bit of maneuvering, but Bruin managed to get his muzzle against the base of the Doctor’s hole, between Master’s legs, so he could lap at his cock while he fucked Doctor good and hard. He could taste his own cum as he licked, and when his Master shot his own load up there and pulled out, he kept licking the crack as cum leaked out of Doctor’s hole, the Master telling him he was a good dog for cleaning up the whore’s hole after they’d finished using it, and he felt good. This felt good, it felt right. He was home–this was home, this was his life, his Master, the Doctor, and their dog.

However, one thing stuck with him, before Master got him ready to sleep in the doghouse out in the back, putting on Bruin’s thick fur coat to keep him warm in the winter night, before locking him in the roomier kennel. It was when Doctor pulled him close for a moment, after Master finished fucking him, and Doctor whispered into his ear, “Don’t worry Bruin–I’ll protect you. No matter what. I promise.” It kept Bruin awake most of the night, thinking about that, about what Doctor had said before too, but he couldn’t protect him from Master. Couldn’t protect him from the night. It had caught them both he realized, and there was no way out for either of them, and he shivered in the cold cage, and gave a silent howl to the rising moon.

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