“Shit!” Officer Bradley said as the battered blue sedan sped past him. He didn’t even need to chack the radar to know he was going over a hundred, and so he flipped on his lights and sirens and sped off down the road after him. He’d kind of been expecting a bit of the chase–anyone going that fast usually thinks they can outrun a cop–but as soon as the driver saw him, he pulled right off to the shoulder.

Officer Bradley pulled in behind him and got out, walking around to the passenger side door away from the busy road, waiting for the man inside to roll down his window. However, as soon as the window cracked, the stench rolling off the man, the scent of musk and cigar smoke addled the officer’s brain for a moment, but he finally asked, “Sir, do…do you know why I pulled you over?”

The man didn’t say anything immediately, but lowered his sunglasses and looked at Officer Bradley, before saying, “Because you’re a horny pig.”

The officer gave a snort of surprise, and went to speak, but the man kept going.

“Because you’re a horny, subby little pig. A fat fucking pig. A cum-starved, piss drinking pig, because you’re a horny, weak little piggy…”

It was like the words were wrapping their way around him, and Officer Bradley was desperately trying to get away, but his body just…wouldn’t move. Instead, he found himself obsessing over how hard his cock was, and the bulge in the man’s leather pants.

“Nasty fuck loving pig, a muddy grimy filthy pig–isn’t that right sir?”

He wanted to say no. He wanted to arrest the man on the spot, but that’s not what came out of his mouth. When he opened his mouth, he just started grunting and oinking, and as he did, he shot a massive wad of cum in his uniform pants, and he was so surprised when it happened, that he stumbled back and into the woods behind him, tripping and tumbling down the embankment.

He heard the man get out of his car, “Sooey! Sooey little piggy, come here, let’s have some fun, little piggy!”

Officer Bradley tried to call for help, but his voice–his voice was gone, all he could do was snort and grunt, and so he picked himself up and ran deeper into the woods, the man following him and laughing, calling out, “Sooey! Sooooeeyy!”

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