“Sit down–it looks like you could use a bite to eat,” the man next to you says as you pass by on the way to the table where your friends are already sitting.

“Excuse me?” you ask, looking over at the portly gentleman in the chair at the restaurant, “Uh, but I came with friends.”

“No you didn’t–you came in alone. Now sit down and eat, I ordered too much,” he said, and added after a short pause, “On accident.”

You open your mouth to refuse, but after what feels like a blink, you’re suddenly in the chair across from him, and helping yourself to the piles of food on the table. He eats as well, and doesn’t talk to you much at all, only encouraging you to take more, and occasionally calling for the waitresses to bring the two of you, or rather just you, more food–and you eat it–all of it. And by the time you’re done, or rather, when the restaurant stops bringing you food, you are stuffed way past anything you could have ever imagined, and you sit there, groaning for a few minutes. When you do sit up and look, you see the check is paid, and the man is gone, leaving you to heft yourself up and head home, exhausted, where you fall asleep.

Things don’t feel much better when you wake up. Your gut still feels packed solid, and for some reason you just ache all over. You managed to fall asleep in your clothes, and you peel them off–they seem so much tighter than usual–and head for the bathroom, but not before you catch sight of yourself in the mirror…

No–No, that can’t be you, can it? That disgustingly fat, old…sexy, bearded man, fuck, you look so damn…hot.

“Breakfast is ready!” You hear a familiar voice call out, “Come and get it, big boy!” You don’t know what’s going on, but it looks like that wasn’t the only big meal the man from the restaurant would be shoving down your throat.

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