Do you know that little voice in your head, the one that tells you that you can’t do things, or shouldn’t do things? That little voice just tell you to stop, and give up? Well, that’s not you–you see, there are spirits that exist all around us, and for the most part, they’re harmless. But that one, I call them Slothsen–they feed on ambition. For the most part they just eat little bits of our desires and our energy, nothing too bad–but occasionally, well, let me tell you about Rich.

Rich was an ambitious guy–a mover and a shaker in the financial industry, and well, he made some enemies. One of those enemies happened to get his hands on a very, very hungry Slothsen–and unleashed in it Rich’s house. It started slowly–he stopped showering, stopped going to the gym, started eating tons of food, but it got worse. He stopped going to work–he just stopped caring.

I found him six months later–and five hundred pounds heavier. I banished the Slothsen–but it was probably too late for Rich–his brain is pretty much gone, he won’t be doing much of anything with his life ever again. Still, I like to level the playing field, and I figured out who released the Slothsen in the first place–and I happen to have a few spirits of my own up my sleeve.

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