(This is sort of a sequel to this caption and story)


LttlPig3: Do you want a pic? I can send one.

TrkrFkr11: Sure.

<Pic received: piggy003.jpeg>

TrkrFkr11: Wait, seriously?

LttlPig3: What, you don’t like it?

TrkrFkr11: No I don’t fucking like it, it’s fucking ridiculous. You’re not a fucking pig at all.

LttlPig3: Who fucking says?

TrkrFkr11: Nah–here, let me fucking help you out. Let’s see…first, a screen name.

NstySemiHog18: Screen name?

NstySemiHog18: Wait, NstySemiHog18? How the hell did you do that…wait, I…what’s going on? My hair’s fucking growing!

TrkrFkr11: Hell yeah it is, I love a furry fucking pig. See, you aren’t going to be wasting your time with rubber or shit like that. A pig like you–well, a trucker pig like you especially. All you fucking care about is getting your next dose of cock. You’ll take it anywhere, begging random guys at rest areas to pump you full of cum in the woods.

NstySemiHog18: No, I don’t. I mean, that sounds fuckin’ hot actually, but I’m not a trucker. I mean, I wait

TrkrFkr11: Sure you’re a trucker–an old redneck like you is too fucking dumb to do much else.

NstySemiHog18: I have a beard. A long ass beard n I cant head hurts

NstySemiHog18: What the fuck r u doin? Im truckin sure but I coulda sworn I wasnt tho. Fuck im horny where u at?

TrkrFkr11: Outside of Cheyenne, Wy.

NstySemiHog18: Noshit? Im bout to cruse thrugh their. Wanna fuck my sloopy piggy hole?

TrkrFkr11: Love to. Just tell me where.

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