Alarmachus, a son of Zeus and a mortal whom Hera, in a fit of jealousy, ripped from the woman’s womb before she could bear him, was cast into the wilderness, misshapen and weak, but he lived, and burned with anger at the gods who had left him so hideous and deformed, however, he discovered that he did have one talent given to him by the gods.

He happened upon a young, beautiful lad one morning, who had wandered deep into his woods, and Alarmachus was so overcome with lust for the body he could never have, that he took the boy’s virginity, and as he climaxed, Alarmachus stole the young man’s youth and beauty, taking it as his own, but it was not enough—he would need more. Men began disappearing from the villages, only to reappear and decrepit and aged men, until Torious arrived to slay the monster in the woods. 

He lured Alarmachus to him with his own youthful form, but before the man could pounce and rape him, he struck him with a fang from the hair of Medusa, and he was turned to stone. It is rumored that his statue is still there, deep in the woods, and that the touch of beautiful, virgin man might awaken him—but woe to the man who does, for Alarmachus will undoubtedly have his way with him when he is free.

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